How to get GIST-Typing Tool work in Windows Vista

GIST-Typing tool is one of the programs supplied through free CDs by the Indian Government. I loved this application for its simplicity and versatility.

Many of us had the problem of not getting this work in Windows Vista. But this isn’t a problem actually since the solution is quite simple.

Here is the error message:

Error Code 1:
You MUST have Windows NT with Service Pack 4.0 or Above.

All you need to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Browse the CD contents and right click on the Setup.exe, click on Properties.
  2. Click on Compatibility tab.
  3. Your window should look like this now
    Application window
  4. Click Apply and run Setup.exe again. It should start rolling now.

Hope this solution is of some good use for you.

  • Anil

    What a wonderful man/woman you are — with this solution. I was driven to tears trying to install the GIST Typing tool on to my laptop with Vista. Many frustrating hours have been wasted!! The main computer with Windows XP has been working sweetly for some time now with this excellent software for Hindi! Thank you so much.

    • psarathis

      Great to hear that it worked for some of you. I am having a tough time to install the same on Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2. I still get the same error message despite of trying to install in Compatibility mode. Any update?