How to make a backup of your Nokia mobile phone using Ovi Suite

Its always important to keep a backup of all the files in your mobile device as there is always a point where there is a risk of losing data. With the introduction of Nokia Ovi Suite you can easily backup all the crucial data in your mobile phone by following some simple steps. Follow these steps to backup the data:

  1. Open Ovi Suite
  2. Connect your device which can be achieved either by Bluetooth connection, infrared connection or by cable connection (USB). But only use only USB connection for taking backup as that’s fast and a little safe.
  3. Now go to Tools >> Content Copier
  4. Now you will get a popup with two buttons which refers to Backup and Restore previous backup . Now click over corresponding Backup button and click next arrow.
  5. Select which type of data you want to save like contacts, messages, user files stored on memory card, etc and click over the next arrow.
  6. Now choose the location where the backup file needs to be saved on the computer. You can leave this with the default option as it stores in the content copier folder in the AppData folder.
  7. You’re done!

This video might come handy in understanding this visually:

Have fun experimenting with your device!