How to setup an adhoc computer network

Okay, you’re going to have the annual board meeting next month, and you need to setup a special network enabling visiting journalists and invitees to log onto your corporate  intranet  site—that’s the company’s  internal  website.

This temporary configuration is called an ‘ad-hoc’ network. As you know, the effectiveness of the network really decreases as you start adding more and more computers to the setup; and, generally, the network operates at its very best when all the computers are in close range to one another—thanks to good ‘ol   technology .

How to Set up adhoc network

Remember, ad-hoc networks can only be wireless. Configuring the wireless adapters in each computer is a snap:

  • Simply select ad-hoc mode vs the infrastructure mode.
  • Use the same  SSID  on and the same channel number  

You can hook up your network to an existing  wired  LAN, but you’ll need to install a designated  gateway .

Connect to a network


Finally, the  how-to  in setting a computer-to-computer (ad hoc) network is pretty easy:

  • Go to Start and open Connect to a Network
  • Click Set up a connection or network
  • Select Set up an ad hoc network…click Next

The infamous ‘Wizard’ should appear to lead you through the final steps of the configuration.

After the meeting, and the users on your ad-hoc network have logged out , that network is automatically deleted.