Quality of CD authoring also matters

I have been actively visiting several online groups about A. R. Rahman and the most discussed topic everywhere was the quality of the recordings. I always use to think that these guys are too technical to notice such things and I was a mere listener who knows nothing about music and just loves listening to good music, but there was something else waiting for me.

I got two different set of CD packs featuring hits from A. R. Rahman’s compositions. I quickly unpacked them and the very first impression gave me a very startling difference between the two labels – One known for its quality while the other for the number of its releases every year. Any guesses here? Well the first one was SONY BMG and the second one was T-SERIES. I browsed through the track list and found out that SONY BMG’s set had 37 songs whereas T-SERIES packed up 51 tracks and all in three discs.

It’s quite simple to understand here, whenever you stack things up giving them little space in, you are bound to get some hints of a very noisy experience. That’s the same case with T-SERIES here and that is exactly where SONY BMG stands out.

I queued them up in my playlist and quickly selected few tracks which were common in the both the sets. I played them back to back and what I got to hear was a very crisp and distinct sound of the SONY BMG set whereas a very thick -ish sound with T-SERIES. I am not technical so please bear with my immature terms here.

OK enough of the quality factor; the next thing which caught my attention was the number of version songs in both the sets. As usual T-SERIES rules here and stacks up more than 50% of its collection with version songs. Those who don’t know what version songs are all about; they are actually songs which are not from the original film soundtrack. So you can pretty much guess here that they are bound to be inferior then the originals.

If you happen to have the same sets with you, try listening to Tere Bina from the SONY BMG set and the same song from the T-SERIES set and the rest is history J

The verdict is pretty one sided and the clear winner comes out to be SONY BMG with its selective and effective recording. It has everything to its limit whether they are version songs or the total no. of songs embedded in whereas T-SERIES tries to fit in too much into a very confined area and losing much on its inferior version songs.

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