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Program Details For XVI PGDM (2008-2010) : The programme equips participants with fundamental management skills and in-depth knowledge of their chosen area of specialization. IMI through its international alliances has evolved a contemporary programme with focus on core management areas and offers carefully selected elective courses which are regularly up-dated. The programme is targetted at individuals with high potential for success in their chosen careers. Selection is therefore rigorous and extremely competitive.

OBJECTIVES : To prepare the participants to manage and lead in an increasingly integrated business environment that transcends national borders. ,To develop conceptual and analytical skills and an in-depth understanding of functional areas ,To gain practical business experience

The programme is challenging, the curriculum is rigorous and the selection procedure is highly competitive. As a result IMI seeks candidates whose abilities, skills and personality indicate strong potential for success in the future.

Program Details And For III PGDM-HR (2007-2010): The programme prepares a cadre of HR professionals equipped with appropriate values, perspective, and competencies to become a catalyst in developing a culture of excellence in the organization.

OBJECTIVES : It is increasingly being realized that people are key differentiators in enabling organization gain and maintain competitive edge in borderless economic order., It is thus imperative for organizations to attract, nurture, develop and retain such talents as will be responsive to the demands of ever changing technology, increased mobility and fast growing obsolescence., Human and social capital development will become major preoccupation as organizations prepare to position themselves in a highly uncertain and volatile global environment., Appropriate structures, systems and culture needs to be designed to facilitate not only open sharing of ideas but also continuous innovation by capturing the creative potentials of organization members., HR professionals with holistic perspective and in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of related disciplines providing the foundation of people management with strong service orientation will be needed to address proactively to the challenges of future. In addition, insights into the various HR subsystems of stakeholders will be necessary conditions for enabling them to contribute to the attainment of organizational goals and purposes.

The Programme with a difference : The unique features of this programme include: A proper blend of theoretical rigour and exposure to the real world through interactive sessions with key stake holders-professional from government, management, trade unions and civil society institutions., Interfacing with local revenue administration, conciliation machinery, law and order, judiciary and such other regulatory bodies on a continuing basis., Block field work, at least once a week, with select organization(s) during the third term for hands on exposure to systems, policies, procedures and practices., Adequate emphasis on costing, measurement and diagnostic and analytical research in different subsystems of HR and their inter linkages with the overall business. This will be done through course work, internship, live projects, term papers and dissertation., For better comprehension of social and developmental issues which have a bearing on people and their lives the participants will be attached to nongovernmentaland other voluntary organizations for a specified period., Through a balanced menu, the programme prepares the students well rounded in all sub-areas of HR.

The practical component of the curriculum further include inputs by practitioners, block fieldwork in select organization(s), 8-weeks internship in a company and another 2-weeks internship in an NGO working on social and labour issues. A wide variety of career opportunities await the students of the programme and the Institutes placement cell will provide active placement service in:

  • Line HR functions in the corporate world HR consulting opportunities with global best players
    HR service providers
    Careers in research and other allied areas

Lateral placement assistance will be provided to those with five or more years of relevant work experience.

Eligibility : A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with 50% aggregate marks in any discipline under 10 + 2+ 3 system from a recognized University. A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification obtained by the candidate must entail a minimum of three years of education after completing higher secondary schooling (10+2) or equivalent. Candidates appearing in the final year of their bachelor’s degree are also eligible, provided they complete all formalities of their examination before June 30, 2008 and furnish the proof of having met the minimum eligibility criteria by September 30, 2008

Option 1 (Purchase Application Form from IMI Counter)

IMI brochure and application form can be acquired by one time payment from IMI campus:

  • By cash payment of Rs.1200/ for one program and Rs.2000/ for both programmes at IMI.
  • By post (enclosing demand draft of Rs.1200/ for one program and Rs.2000/ for both programmes drawn in favour of IMI payable at Delhi ).

Option 2 (Download the Application Form from www.imi.edu)

  • Click on the link ‘Download application form for PGDM (2008-2010)’ or ‘Download Application Form for PGDM-HR (2008-2010)’ link on the first page that appears after you click the ‘Admissions Open PGDM (2008-2010) & PGDM-HR (2008-2010)’ link on the homepage.
  • Please fill in the required details in the window that opens.
  • After filling in the details click on the ‘Proceed’ button. Open the form by clicking the link ‘Click to open Application Form’ . Print the form using the Print option under the File option the top left side of the window. This application form will show the form number mentioned on the top right side of the page. Please click on the ‘Save form number’ to save the form number on your computer for future reference.
  • After filling the form, please attach a draft of Rs.1200/ for one program and Rs.2000/ for both programmes drawn in favor of IMI and payable at Delhi , and send it through registered post to IMI or deliver it by hand as per your convenience. IMI Brochure will be sent to you by post after receiving the completed Application Form and draft.

Option 3 (Applying Online – Credit Card Payment)

  • Click on the ‘Apply Online’ link on the first page that appears after you click the ‘Admissions Open’ link on the homepage.
  • The pop up window that appears carries an auto generated form number and your password that has to be carefully noted down by you for proceeding further. This will be used by you for all times to come during the application process for filling up the form, making payments and tracking the status of the form.
  • After noting down the form number and password click on the ‘Proceed’ button to close this window that automatically activates the form number and password for logging into the online application.
  • Type in the form number and password in the text fields for Form No. and Password and click the Login button. After clicking the ‘Login’ button, please check the programme that you are applying for.
  • After selecting the programme , click on the next button to fill in your personal details. You will see a set of links appear on the top part of the page. These make up the various sub-components of the form. Click on the various sub-components of the form and click on ‘Update’ button. Clicking on update is effectively saving your information as you enter/select them.
  • All fields (spaces) marked with double stars are mandatory and have to be filled in to proceed further.
  • After you have filled in all the required details you will see the ‘Make payment’ link getting activated. You could use a credit card to make this payment which is enabled through a secured ICICI payment gateway.

Note: In case you have any problems downloading the Application Form or making online payment, please get in touch with us at the phone numbers and email provided in the ‘Help Desk’ page at IMI website.


  • Availiability of IMI Brochure & Application Form from: August 6, 2007
  • CAT Examination: November 18, 2007
  • Last Date of Sale of IMI Brochure & Application Form: December 10, 2007
  • Last Date of Reciept of Completed IMI Application Form: December 10, 2007