Important SEO Tips Everyone Should Know

During the Interactive Site Review session at the 2007 Las Vegas

PubCon, various site owners submitted their site for the panel to

Pick apart. The panel consisted of heavy hitters like Matt Cutts from

Google, Tim Mayer from Yahoo, Greg Boser from WebGuerrilla, and

Danny Sullivan.

While some of the sites they reviewed may have been lacking in

Certain departments, the knowledge the panel bestowed is quite

Valuable for SEO ers of all types. What follows is are some quotes

And paraphrases that go a long way to demonstrating what it is search

Engines are looking for:

– Each page of your site is an entry point; optimize (title tags,

Key phrases) for what each page targets – Greg

– Strive for quality links over quantity links – the entire panel

– If you are targeting your site geographically, get links from local

Entities (Chamber of Commerce, local directories)

– NO LINK EXCHANGES (don’t even bother – Matt cutts)

– Unique content is important (this and link bait are the prevailing

Themes of the Las Vegas PubCon)

– If you can get into the top 3 of Google Local, you will be on the

Front page of Google’s standard search if the query is

Geographically based… – Danny Sullivan

– When optimizing for Google Local, navigate to the Google Local

Business Center – this was suggested by Matt as a source to assist

With being indexed by Google Local’s index as well as a place to

Claim your business, similar to Technorati’s blog claim function.

– One of the sites reviewed was a real estate site… during this

Portion, Greg revealed some interesting information about how this

Industry markets to the search industry:

The real estate industry conducts SEO much like they did in 98, it’s

A bad field in reference to SEO…

And while this may not be a tip per se, it’s good information to be

Aware of especially if you are considering this industry…

– ditch javascript menus altogether… they are a red flag to ranking

algos – Boser

– template-based sites may not rank well because they appear alike

to the crawlers… – Tim Mayer and Matt Cutts both iterated this


– Session IDs urls need to be blocked from crawlers because of

duplicate content issues (don’t serve session ids to bots)… this

was emphasized by Matt who said:

“session ids can be poison for crawlers”

– if your site sells manufactured products, don’t use manufacturer

copy… use your own descriptions – this was also stated by Heather

Lloyd-Martin during the effective web copy session

– there’s no good use for 302 redirects, ever – the entire panel

– blog about your product or target area, this provide so much of

the original content the search engines are looking for – paraphrased

from Matt Cutts

This last point plays into the whole link bait theory that was

incredibly prominent during this conference (I cannot count the

number of times I heard this phrase…). Keep these tips and ideas

in mind when you are conducting any SEO or SEM-related process.

They will serve you well.

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