Indian Education to be stress-free

Yesterday, I had an occasion to talk to one of the member of the National Curriculum Framework 2010 committee. The discussion gave me a brief insight into the working of the board and how they work to give us the quality of education we enjoy today. The team is full of highly trained and experienced experts sharing their views over the organisation of the entire curriculum.

After the chat, I was able to grab a few important changes which may mark their presence in the NCF 2010. Some of them are as follows:

  • The duration of the examinations will no more be 3 hrs. Rather a maximum of 2 hrs is what is being thought of right now.
  • All the five markers in the examinations may be stripped off soon.
  • The test dates are most likely to become more flexible by giving students the choice to select their desired test dates. Something similar to that of SAT and TOEFL examinations.

These points are definitely worth a debate and that is what is being done by the experts. They are discussing the various aspects of these changes and working on several other changes too. These probable changes do suggest that Indian education system is reforming and will be at par with the international educational standards in future.

But will this dilution make students take examinations for granted?