Get paid to reach early to office

Indian Tech giant Infosys has come up with an idea of rewarding its employees who report early to office. I wish I could be a part of that campus, I should have shifted my house to nearby areas and enjoy the maximum benefit out of it.

Traffic of Bangalore can be used as synonym to snail walk and many companies were trying to solve by deploying their own transport to make their employees reach office on time. But especially in garden city it was not working.

So, Techy Brains along with minds of Stanford have developed a plan to make their employees report early. Under this scheme employees who report before 0800 hours will get 1.5 credits and people who are reporting between 0800-0830 hours will get 1 credit.

So let’s say I work for 5 days a week and report before 0800 hours then I am entitled to get 5×1.5=7.5 credits which is the maximum that can be accumulated per week and these credits will turn into a cash reward of Rs. 12,000 (Maximum under different circumstances).

Till now 700 people of Infosys are rewarded under scheme and 13500 people reported on or before shift time. This not only saved the erosion of productive time at the same time it is saving Rs. 20,000 per day on fuel and time of company buses plying on roads of Bangalore.

According to Infosys employee, “Buses starting at 0700-0715 hours reach office early by 0800 hours. But buses starting at 0730-0800 hours reach office at about 0900 hours due to peak traffic hours.”

Hmm, late comers would have to sacrifice their innovative ideas and start thinking how to reach early. :))

This is applicable in Infosys only. I cannot say about other companies.