“I’ve always been comfortable with boys” – Celina Jaitely

Celina Jaitely

It seems you had problems with Hanssika Motwani on the sets of Money Hai To Money Hai because she was trying to copy your costumes?

Please, there was nothing like a confrontation. I heard from the unit people that aunty (Hanssika s mother) was always inquisitive about what I was going to wear, I had no problems with that. In fact, I take it as a compliment that others want to copy what I wear.

Even if they do copy my outfits, they won’t be able to carry them off. You need a personality body and height. Frankly I had no problems with Hanssika but I did feel that her parents were always nosey about others on the sets. I’m not the type to complain about such things. I just do my work and leave.

You didn’t hang out with Kareena Kapoor and Amrita Arora on the sets of Golmaal Returns.

My role is such that I don’t have too many scenes with them. My track is different. Kareena and Amrita are friends anyway. Yes, we may not have been the best buddies around, but there were no bad vibes.

You don’t seem to get along well with your female colleagues.

That’s such a lie! During No Entry, Lara, Bipasha (Basu). Esha (Deol) and I became the best of friends. We’re in touch over the phone. Riya (Sen) and Neha (Dhupia) are two of my other friends.

Honestly, I can’t deal with the insecurities of women in general. I’m into gizmos, playstations, the works. I’m not into gossip. I’ve always been more comfortable with boys, maybe because I’m from a family where there were more boys than girls. I’ve had more male Cousins than female.

I do get along with girls but when I sense bad vibes, I back out. Also, I can’t handle the pressure from mummies and aunties at work.

Govinda is recommending you as his co-star, we hear…

Nonsense! I’m doing only one film with Govinda. If the rumour was true, then I would’ve been doing ten films with him. He is doing so many projects now. I won’t deny that we are good friends. In fact, we form a mutual admiration society. There is nothing wrong with that.

On the sets of Money Hai to Honey Hai, Govinda. Ravi (Kishan). Manoj (Bajpai) and I would be sitting together and talking about our U.P. background. People forgot to see Ravi and Manoj very conveniently.

What has happened to your Hollywood plans?

My film Love has no language will be screened at Cannes next year. I’ve seen the rough promos. I would love do a musical in Hollywood . And I want to do theatreā€¦something on the lines of Padmavati. Actors come from theatre to films, I’ll do the reverse, go from films to theatre.

And what’s the love quotient in your life?

(Laughs) It is in the doldrums. I’m not looking for love. it’s available everywhere. I am looking for togetherness and loyalty. I’m biding my time with a bandage on my heart. I will settle for nothing less than perfection this time. I’ve seen this kind of togetherness in my parents and grandparents. I’m happy being single but when I see a couple happy together, holding hands, I do feel a bit jealous.

Apparently you have a thing about gora men.

Wrong! I was in love with Alex but Sean Teague was a mistake. For the first month, Alex didn’t even know where I was from. I would keep making up stories. He was loving and caring. For me, a guy is all about communication, education and upbringing. The colour of the skin isn’t an issue.

Courtesy: HT(Transcript) and Maxim(Image)

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