Jobs Guru : Fight the negatives

In today’s competitive world, companies must fight the ‘give-in-to- the-situation’ psyche of employees, if they want to come out with flying colours

Regularly counsel, mentor and lead by example, to help employees focus on their objectives. A robust performance management system reinforces regular evaluation and appraisal of their employees, recognising them for their achievements," says Sharmeen Khalid, Vice President, Human Resources, Info Edge (India) Ltd. Power of generation If an employee does not measure up to a goal, call a meeting to generate positive energy amongst the staff. Try to use the ‘movie-effect’. As people get engrossed in a movie, they cry and laugh with the characters. "So if imaginary things can lead to emotions, then why not use this technique? For example, in the Hrithik Roshan-starrer Lakshya, the main character, during the military training, was asked by the trainer to hit the paplu (sand bag) with anger. In the army, this technique is used to expel the inner strength. And that is what a closed-door meeting should do," says Alok Srivastava, Deputy General Manager, Human Resources, Vipul Ltd.

If you are pleasant and encouraging, employees will probably become more confident and efficient. State of self-awareness If you find that employees are miffed with their colleagues’ behaviour, then tell them to try and interpret things positively Em . ployees should have faith in each other and not let things turn negative. "Tell them to avoid a reaction loop. Arguments and counter-argument do no good to the company and individuals," says Malvai.

The management should appreciate the good work done by employees. Not dealing with this can have catastrophic consequences on employee morale and the organisation’s bottom line. "Ultimately, you have no choice but to deal with employee problems head on. Employee problems occur because of either a lack of energy or a lack of focus. The best solution would be to re-assign employees to a job they are more capable of performing," suggests Srivastava. Talk about it Your first step in dealing with lacklustre employees is a discussion about the problem and its causes. This discussion should take place in private. Invite the employee to offer his assessment of the situation. Through the course of your conversation, you may learn something that sheds light on the core cause of the problem. Never be negative Avoid threatening the employee, as this may have a negative effect on the employee. Keep in mind that your aim is to ¦ balance the energy

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