Jodi Breakers Movie Review

The days are gone when I used to be regular in watching movies, whether it was with school / college or with office friends. Thanks to my uncommon office hours and weekend MBA classes, I have started living a machine life with proper time table in place. Nevertheless let me share you my experience of watching Jodi Breakers this week.

It was Sunday afternoon and I was having lunch at home when I received a call from my school mate, saying it’s been long since we met (by the way he stays only few blocks away from my home), I said “yes I will definitely plan someday”, he said “why not today, I have booked ticket for 05:45 show be there at PVR, I don’t want any excuses” and hung up.

Somehow I gathered my energy and was there by 05:30, till this time I was not aware for which movie we were going to, I was standing at the PVR ticket counter and one guest came and asked the entertainment specialist at the counter “can I have seven tickets of Jodi Breakers”. He said “yes, Ma’am the tickets are available for 05:45 show”. Guest “I need good seating at the back” ESP “Don’t worry the seats are in M row of Audi 4”.

The time was 05:40 and still M row was available, but my bets were high that he is intelligent and would not take any dumb decision to watch this movie and you know what I lost the bet. The hall was complete empty, the ESP (entertainment service provider) who was checking our tickets was not looking serious in showing the seats to the guests, taking the advantage I asked him can I sit in the back rows. He said “if the seats are empty you can” with a second pause “yes, you can sit the booking for this show is quite low”. After listening to this we both were looking at each other’s face which shows we have no option other than to watch this movie.

The movie is about divorced hunk cum Jodi Breaking specialist Madhavan (sid) and Bipasha Basu (Sonali) who is searching for her prince charming, they first pair together in a business of Breaking pairs (i.e. helping married couples getting divorce). In due course to get rid of alumni, Madhavan enters into a relationship of business tycoon and ruins it, later he feels guilty and tries to re unite them.

Jodi Breakers movie review

Coming to the performances, Madhavan to me does not seem to be a lead role actor, I am happy to see him in supporting role or rather in scripts like RHTDM. The level of acting which he did in this movie was never expected from him.

The same is with the leading lady of the film, Bipasha is known for her good skin show skills, which she did in this movie as well, but I don’t when will she improve her acting skills, the reason being the Song titled Bipasha one can see her expressionless face also the over smart acting in the rest of the film.

Every time I use to say that rest of the character of the movie act as a catalyst of the movie, but this time they did act as catalyst but it worked in reverse direction.

I admire Halen Ji for her acting skills in yester movies and was not expecting her in the role which she was in the movie. The granny character which she did in this movie was no way looking crucial which the script tried to show. I am no one to comment on acting, neither her script selection whatever she did it was good.

This movie had no comedy to laugh at, no good sets to comment at, the direction was lackluster. Some part of the movie was shot in Greece which the crew of movie failed to capture the scenic beauty of the country.

One scene where I laughed the fullest was, when Sid and Sonali were celebrating the separation of couple (business tycoon family) in Greece and they were celebrating. Sid says “let’s celebrate, excuse me can I get a bottle of champagne”, Sonali “no, no champagne it would be difficult for you to handle me” , after completing first glass of champagne they both got out of control, I don’t know any person who can go out of control after one glass of champagne. The best part comes later when they plan to buy second bottle, Sid offers five hundred Euros for a bottle of champagne. Thirty thousand rupees (500 Euros = 32 922.1129 Indian rupees) for a bottle of champagne, script writer needs to get more realistic in his or her coming movies, overall it was a not so good movie to watch one can skip it, or else if you are a great fan of Skinny Bipasha Basu or Fatty Madhavan then you can take chance for it.


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