Kathanayakudu (Kuselan) Audio review

Kathanayakudu(Kuselan) Audio Review

I am neither a good writer nor a good critic but yes I do have a taste of music and this time I will review Kathanayakudu starring none other than superstar Rajinikanth. After the success of Sivaji all eyes were on his new animated movie ‘Sultan’ but Kathanayakudu found its way much before any of his movie releases. Music of this film was released on 1 st July and the sales started pitching on the day one itself. Early morning queues near stores at some cities shows the anticipation of the fans and their eagerness to listen to the music.

Now the main question arises, did it meet the expectations of public and is it a good match to Sivaji?

Well the simple answer may be yes or may be no. The dilemma still remains but the reasons may be different, Some of them are as follows:

Lets start with the first song ‘Cinema Cinema‘, It tries to shows the role of cinema and its effect on general public with reference to some eminent film personalities of south India. It starts with a backdrop of a superstar and can be best suited for a dynamic introductory song for Superstar. The voice of Shankar Mahadevan’s rendition is full of professional arrogance which can be seen in his high-pitched voice at places. It could’ve been lowered so that his voice doesn’t overlap the background music.

After a fast and heavy track, G. V. Prakash Kumar finds the right spot to exploit the minds of listeners keeping the interest going with the sound of koyal and sounds produced by various Indian instruments. Sollama(Chele Chele Chel Chelilele) has a background of country-side. Vocals of Hariharan and Sujata along with the chorus are perfectly blended and keep the listener glued to the song till it ends.

Next comes the turn of Om Zaarare(Om Jaayare Jaayare) which is a mixture of African music and Indian music and the blend of both has resulted into a music which is normally resembles music of Kamal Hassan’s films. In this, G. V. Prakash tries to experiment with various voices at one go along with music. This song is sung by some of the prominent singers like Daler Mehndi, Chitra and Sadhna Sargam(Sung the tamil version only). But it fails to retain the interest of listener and the reason may be the overlapping of vocals and repetitive sounds. The tabla loop at places is good. And lastly it ends with a sense that somewhere or the other we have heard this song before.

After three songs, rain has started and Shreya Ghoshal along with kids voices this song and tries to make the listener feel as if he/she is also enjoying the rain. Again, guitar work is brilliant here and the realistic rendition accompanied with the usage of animal sounds in between makes this song a beautiful composition. You might have already seen Nayanatara dancing with children in the rain from some stills of the film and the same impression is delivered from the song here.

Rain stops and everyone’s refreshed. It’s high time for a singer like Kailash Kher to make his entry and attract the listener’s attention. ‘Perinba‘(Ra Ra Ramayanna telusa neeku superstar) is an out-right mass number. This song also has resemblance to G. V. Prakash’s earlier works. The combination of both Kailash Kher and the instruments are simply superb and will make you feel like you are walking in gullies of countryside which is a normal part of southern India where procession takes place and the crowd gathers from various streets to enjoy the procession. Many of us may not like this song (Those who love romantic songs).

Overall the album is worth buy and one may keep in his/her personal records, and may add few in their personal gadgets (Ipods, Zunes or Phones). The areas of opportunities which I found in this album are:

  • Most of the songs are on superstar. We all know that Kathanayakudu is superstar and needs no special mention for that.
  • Lack of romantic songs in the soundtrack which I look as one of major point of opportunity.
  • The tuning between the vocals and music has to be timed to be honest I very much enjoys the variations like that but overdose of anything will not work for long.

Some good points:

  • The quality of the music is remarkable and special mention to G. V. Prakash’s arrangement.
  • We have a quality music director from whom we can expect from every time the only point is how he maintains that.
  • The knowledge of several Indian as well as western instruments and their proper usage is a plus to album

Meeting the expectations of listeners from Super Star

G .V Prakash in new to industry and knows hoe to make optimum use of anything. I am really glad to see such a talent my only word to him would be “ You rock keep coming new every time” like A .R Rahman, he also has a sect of audience whom he can attract. The main area of opportunity for him would be to deliver the duets without portraying a different backdrop altogether.

As a whole I don’t have any specific taste as of now anything which looks easy to ears I am great fan of that song. For those who are into mass songs and love songs sorry guys this is not your cup of coffee and rest is a gem in you chain of collections.

I would like our listeners to share their thoughts along with us, we would be glad to receive the inputs.

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