Kick Movie Review

Many might go against me after reading this but I have to establish my clear stand for a film like Kick here. The movie definitely has been winning applauses everywhere and is said to be running pretty strong till date. But what matters is whether it is worth the success or not?

Well for me, the answer is simply no! I have been a victim myself for being trapped by the response of this film everywhere.

The movie is about a fun loving guy Kalyan (Ravi Teja) who seeks punch in every action and he calls it ‘Kick’, a pretty famous slang among youngsters. He falls in love with Naina (Illeana) who happens to be entirely opposite to the character of Kalyan. As they both possess entirely contrasting traits, they separate. The rest is how they sort out their problems.

On the other side, there’s a Dhoom-like cop and thief plot set between Krishna (Shyam) and the thief. This plot is close to what you saw in Dhoom with those usual cop-chase scenes and the challenges they throw at each other. The bridge between this plot and the above plot forms the final climax.

Here is how my interest levels were at various parts of the film

The film boasts of a good set of technicians and artists and what turned out to be was a pretty average fare from the team. The cinematography was good. The music and editing department were mediocre and actually raised my impatience. Direction and screenplay were totally flawed and ended up without even establishing a sound relation with the audience.

Kick Movie reviewNow coming to the acting department, Ravi Teja was the saving grace of this film. He along with Brahmanandam managed to pull the film and also patched the flaws at various places. Their timing is just perfect. Illeana as the leading lady did the job pretty fairly. Shyam as the tough cop did his job good but his character went a bit awry in the end.

The film isn’t really a bad film nor the script looks like so but the problem lies with the establishment of the characters and over-kick spread around. Kalyan’s character has been weaved in such an irritating fashion that you end up losing your temper as it’s hard to get the hang of this character.

The film crumbles further with a long runtime. Probably, it’s one of the few Telugu films where I saw my watch more than the movie itself.

One thing I must commend about the director is that the climax portion of the film has been done neatly as compared to the entire film. At least he spared us those PJs and unnecessary screams there.

Overall, the film should’ve been a rock solid film but the treatment of the film just takes this film to a boring and temper-raising film.

My two stars for Ravi Teja and Brahmanandam!

[rate 2]
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  • suryabumunipadu1