Kidnap Movie Review

Kidnap Movie Review

Well the title says all; Kidnap is a new movie which was released few days back starring Sanjay Dutt, Minissha Lamba, Imran Khan, Vidya Malvade, Sheila Sharma, Rushita Pandaya, Rahul Dev, Reema Lagoo, Sophie Choudry and Raj Zutshi, directed by Sanjay Gadhvi under the banner of Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd. This is the same banner which released movies like Jab We Met.

Let's come back to movie (Kidnap). I am a normal movie buff and I would like to keep my mind outside audi of the theatre while watching movie. But this time even after I tried to enjoy the movie the cast and crew of kidnap didn't allow me to do so.

Kidnap is a story about Kabir (Imran Khan) who due to unavoidable circumstances was sent to jail for 13 years and the reason for this was Mr Raina (Sanjay Dutt). I will not disclose the reason why Mr Raina took that decision (Sending Kabir to jail), but believe me he (Mr. Vikrant Raina) was not wrong. And after spending 13 years in jail Kabir comes back and decides to take revenge on Mr. Raina just like a video game with different stages in it.

Cast performance

Mr Raina (Sanjay Dutt) is a gem of person he can get into any type of role and can set the bar little higher no questions on his performance. He was dynamic business man and at the same time he also played a role of a responsible husband as well as a father.

Sonia Raina (Minissha Lamba) played the character of a teenage girl who was about to attain 18 years of age on her next birthday. She played a role of a girl who tries to enjoy the life to its fullest but would like to meet her father even after a wait of 8 years. Well to be honest she didn't look like a 17 year old girl.

Kabir Sharma (Imran Khan) after the success of his first film, the expectations were little higher but this came as a disappointment to me. There were some scenes which looked artificial to me and the dialogue delivery was also not up to mark.

Mallika (Vidya Malvade), I would like to ask her one question why she accepted this role. She played a role of a mother of 17 year old girl. While watching the movie, after knowing that she is mother of Minissha Lamba It came like a confusing moment to me. To be honest Minissha was looking older than her mom. The maturity in role was missing and the costumes were not good for her.

Irfan (Rahul Dev), He played a role of security incharge of Mr. Raina and was known for his achievements. Coming to his performance, he was average and was not utilised well.

Reema Lagoo who played the role of Naani to Minissha was also not used well. She acted like a saint rather than a Naani. She was missing in various scenes where a family decision was needed.

And rest of the characters do not have any special space where I can actually comment on them. On the whole this movie is not worth watching and it was a real kidnap of viewers and they paid a ransom in terms of payment of tickets.

On the day of watching movie, it was a Saturday night and I along with my friends got tickets at 07:20 PM while the schedule of the movie was 07:30 PM with a nice seating at the back. And after watching the movie I literally ran towards the exit door and that being a wrong one where the usher started laughing and guided me the correct way.

I know some of you might not agree with me and I would like to know your opinion on this film.

[rate 0.5]


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  • rohit basera

    KIDNAP in my view is worth a watch because of sanjay dutt’s presence and even imran khan did a commendable job though the critic is correct that his dialogue delivery was not upto the mark but i think he still pulled it off even i found the reason for which he was sent to jail was correct but it too harsh for a minor i.e a 14 year old boy…………..all in all it can be watched once, i saw it and i enjoyed myself……………

  • gitanjali

    kidnap was a great movie…..

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