New Kingfisher Frequent Flyer Programme

Kingfisher Airlines, one of the leading carriers of the country has come up with one of its kind loyalty programme. It’s set to enrich the customer experience giving them the features which no carrier in India has ever thought of.

Let’s begin with a feature called family club, in this system you share your club membership with your near and dear ones. In order to use this system you need to appoint a family head and can select up to five members under this.

The family club is only valid if the family head is King Red Member (The programme is open to family heads of King Red Tier and above only) whereas the family members can still earn status points and are eligible for Tier upgrades.

How to enroll for this?

All you need to do is to fill this form and submit it to the King club membership assistance.

The members also get an affiliate option. The system is pretty simple, refer your friends to the King Club and you get King Miles according to the activity of the user you referred.

Last but not least: King Club has started new king club service. In this service the king club members can redeem their king club miles against some gift items or can redeem for upgrades, free tickets or gift voucher. The new site is very easy to use and gives a sense of a premium member of Kingfisher Airlines.

Apart from these new features they have made changes to their existing programmes as well. To list a few:

  • They have introduced an option of fast and flexible upgrades
  • Now the tier points would be based on the sector booked rather than flight count.
  • Instead of three now they have four tiers (an introduction of King platinum to existing tier system).

This is truly a king of the good times for its members. Let’s see how the frequent flyers embrace these features.

  • Prateek Narula

    am shocked and distressed from the services of premier airlines like Kingfisher. After repeated mails and calls i am still not being truth ful and just answers from them. I am being cheated by the airlines. Therefore am sorry to write this blog. I shall continue to write blog till when i get justice.

    I am a king club member and my membership number is 102257400. Recently I travelled from Delhi to Washington via doha and back. I travelled by qatar airways which is Kingfisher's partner airlines. While at the airport i filled the kingfisher club membership form. Now when i am back from my trip i went online and created my Kingclub account and tried to claim missing miles. The reply which i am getting from Kingclub is that since my account has been created after my travel i cannot claim missing miles
    The answer which i got from kingfisher is that while if i would have travelled by domesitc kingfisher i can claim miles for the same but for international travel i cannot claim miles I would again like to highlight the fact that i had applied for my membership with the Kingfisher club at the airport, which is not registered due to unknown reasons at your end. Therefore I would request you to credit miles of my travel in my membership account.

    I see this response from Kingfisher as a way to pass on the responsibility to Qatar Airlines and not provide the frequent flier passengers the added incentives to fly with them.
    I shall continue to write blog about Inefficiency in Kingfisher service till when i get justice.

    • john abron

      yes, the KONG club is LOUSY, they dont give yu miles, there is NO LINK on website to claim retro miles, and they dont pick the phone, it rang for 30 minutes, i waste d’ money, LOUSY MALYA Service.

  • Prashant Patil

    require frequent flyer form