Kurbaan Movie Review

Even before its release the movie which made news for various reasons actually made me more excited to watch it. So, on a chilly Friday of November I went to see the much awaited bollywood flick – Kurbaan.

The movie is about American – Islamic relations post invasion of America into Islamic countries (Afghanistan and Iraq) which resulted in loss of life and as retaliation how some people enter America and try to execute another 09/11. But there is another love story which runs side by side between the lead protagonist and rest is whether love will win over the war or not.

The plot is in the same lines of New York and had limited to offer in terms of script which seems to have created pressure on the director to really move this script towards a box office hit.

The first thing one looks in the Karan Johan film is the star cast which includes Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Om Puri, Diya Mirza, Vivek Oberoi, Kirron Kher, Evans Forlidas, Cheryl Alessio, Rupinder Nagra and many more. Out of them Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Om Puri, Diya Mirza, Vivek Oberoi, Kirron Kher were the main characters of the movie.

Ehsaan (Saif Ali Khan) – plays the role of an extremist in movie and how he uses an innocent girl, Avantika to get into USA legally. We all know he is a person one can bank upon. Unlike Love Aaj Kal, this movie demanded a character where on one hand the person has to really focus on what he has to do and on the other hand a lover boy. He delivered both the sides flawlessly. You cannot pinpoint a particular scene where he was not able to live up to the moment.

Avantika (Kareena Kapoor) – the NRI professor who comes to India to take care of her ailing father. She falls in love with Ehsaan a fellow professor in the university. After a long time we are seeing her in a serious role. To be honest she was looking more stunning than before and was able to deliver some of most difficult scenes which I thought she might not be able to do.

Bhai Jaan (Om Puri) – I am no one to assess his work. In this movie he plays the role of a leader to a Muslim fundamentalist group. Earlier he was a soldier and fought many battles in the neighboring countries of Afghanistan.

Aapa (Kirron Kher) – Unlike in other films where she plays a role of an agony aunt, in this she plays a role of a Muslim women with Pathani accent who helps her husband in all the activities which the group was involved in. Here I will not say she did a spending job but what I feel is that there was more potential in this character where she was unable to tap it.

Riyaaz Masood (Vivek Oberoi) – He plays the role of a reporter and later finds himself in a plot where they plan to blow the subway stations. He was a surprise package in this movie. In some scenes he overshadowed Saif. Till the last scene, one will be in a dilemma on who is the actual hero of the movie.

Here is how my interest levels were at different parts of the film

Coming to other characters, this movie has a huge star cast, some of them were way above their caliber whereas celebrities of Hollywood made the presence felt but were not able to make a mark. I will not blame them; it was the script which gave them less to act.

I would say Rensil D’Silva is a man with guts who has accepted to direct such a complicated topic in his debut. No one can say that this movie was directed by a debutant director. I am really looking forward for more of his work.

As I mentioned earlier, the script of the movie has very little to offer it was the director who stole the show. Whereas the music which was worth listening but didn’t seem to fit in the script.

The ambience and the sets of the movie were superb. I never knew that the humayun tomb and university can be shown in such a way. The work done by technical team was commendable.

Even with a long list of star cast and hard work of a debutant director I felt something more concrete was missing. This is a movie that is not meant for entertainment but is made to convey a message especially among the youth.

[rate 2]

I know some of you might not agree with me. So I would request you to share your thoughts with us about the same.


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