List of Holidays in 2012 (Gazette of India)

I hope that HR divisions of various organizations might have started getting their employee calendars filled in with the options of opted leaves.

But those who are yet to fill I am sharing you with the list of Gazette and Restricted Holidays which would be observed in India in the year 2012.

Employees of the Government of India or respective state governments might have already received the circular for list of holidays they would be observing. But most of the private sector employees are allowed to fill in their respective calendars, provided they guarantee a backup for that particular day or if it is being observed in the whole organization.

While filling my calendar I saw that time most of the holidays this year are on weekdays and have jotted down some of the some options where we can make efficient use of timing of a holiday

I hate to call Gandhi Jayanti, Republic Day or Independence Day a holiday, but everyone knows that these three days where employer can’t force his/her employees to come to office, by any chance if you are called to work on national holidays then you are eligible to get the double pay for that day.

Holidays Date Day

Gazetted Holidays

Republic Day 26/01/2012 Thursday
Id-E-Millad 05/02/2012 Sunday
Holi 08/03/2012 Thursday
Mahavir Jayanti 05/04/2012 Thursday
Good Friday 06/04/2012 Friday
Budha Purnima 06/05/2012 Sunday
Janmashtami 10/08/2012 Friday
Independence Day 15/08/2012 Wednesday
Idu’l Fitr 20/08/2012 Monday
Gandhi Jayanti 02/10/2012 Tuesday
Dussehra (Ashtami) 22/10/2012 Tuesday
Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami) 24/10/2012 Wednesday
Idul Zuha (Bakrid) 27/10/2012 Saturday
Diwali 13/11/2012 Tuesday
Muharram 25/11/2012 Sunday
Guru Nanak’s Birthday 28/11/2012 Wednesday
Christmas Day 25/12/2012 Tuesday

Restricted Holidays

New Year Day 01/01/2012 Sunday
Makar Sankranti 14/01/2012 Saturday
Pongal 15/01/2012 Sunday
Basanta Panchami 28/01/2012 Saturday
Guru Ravidas Birthday 07/02/2012 Tuesday
Swami Dayananda Saraswati Jayanti 16/02/2012 Thursday
Shivaji Jayanti 19/02/2012 Sunday
Maha Sivaratri 20/02/2012 Monday
Holi ka Dahana 07/03/2012 Wednesday
Chaitra Sukladi/Ugadi/Cheti Chand 23/03/2012 Friday
Ram Navami 01/04/2012 Sunday
Easter Sunday 08/04/2012 Sunday
Vaisakhi,Vishu 13/04/2012 Friday
Mesadi 14/04/2012 Saturday
Vaisakhadi (Bengal)/Bahag Bihu (Assam) 14/04/2012 Saturday
Guru Rabindranath’s Birthday 08/05/2012 Tuesday
Hazrat Ali’s Birth Day 04/06/2012 Monday
Rath yatra 21/06/2012 Thursday
Kharchi Puja 27/06/2012 Wednesday
Ker Puja 14/07/2012 Saturday
Raksha Bandhan 02/08/2012 Thursday
Jamat-Ul-Vida 17/08/2012 Friday
Parsi New Years Day 18/08/2012 Saturday
Vinayaka Chathurthi 21/08/2012 Tuesday
Onam 29/08/2012 Wednesday
Biswakarma Puja 17/09/2012 Monday
Ganesh Chathurthi 19/09/2012 Wednesday
Dussera (Maha Saptami) (Additional) 21/10/2012 Sunday
Dussera (Maha Navami) (Additional) 23/10/2012 Tuesday
Maharishi Valmiki’s Birthday/Lakshmi Puja 29/10/2012 Monday
Karaka Chathurthi (Karva Chouth) 02/11/2012 Friday
Naraka Chaturdasi 12/11/2012 Monday
Deepawali (South India) 13/11/2012 Tuesday
Goverdan Puja 14/11/2012 Wednesday
Bhai Duj 15/11/2012 Thursday
Chhat Puja 19/11/2012 Monday
Guru Teg Bahadur’s Martydrom Day 24/11/2012 Saturday
Christmas Eve 24/12/2012 Monday

How to plan your leaves effectively in 2012

Holiday Date Day Remarks
Republic Day 26/01/2012 Thursday  
Apply for Leave on 27/01/2012 Friday One Day
Can Plan Vacation 26/01/2012 to 29/01/2012 Four Days Leave  
Holi 08/03/2012 Thursday  
Apply for Leave on 09/03/2012 Friday One Day
Can Plan Vacation 08/03/2012 to 29/01/2012 Four Days Leave  
Good Friday and Mahavir Jayanti 05/04/2012 and 05/04/2012 Thursday and Friday  
Apply Leave for 02/04/2012, 03/04/2012 and 04/04/2012 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Three Days
Can Plan Vacation 31/03/2012 to 08/04/2012 Nine Days Leave  
Independence Day and ID 15/08/2012 and 20/08/2012 Wednesday and Monday  
Apply Leave on 13/08/2012, 14/08/2012, 16/08/2012 and 17/08/2012 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Four Days
Can Plan Vacation 11/08/2012 to 20/08/2012 Ten Days  
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 02/08/2012 Tuesday  
Apply Leave for 01/08/2012 Monday One Day
Can Plan Vacation 29/09/2012 to 02/10/2012 Four Days  
Dussera and Bakri ID 24/10/2012 and 26/10/2012 Wednesday and Friday  
Apply Leave for 22/10/2012, 23/10/2012 and 25/10/2012 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Three days
Can Plan Vacation 20/10/2012 to 28/10/2012 Nine Days  
Diwali 13/11/2012 and 14/11/2012 Tuesday and Wednesday  
Apply Leave for 12/11/2012, 15/11/2012 and 16/11/2012 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Three Days
Can Plan Vacation 10/11/2012 to 18/11/2012 Nine Days  
Christmas 25/12/2012 Tuesday  
Apply Leave for 24/12/2012 Monday One Day
Can Plan Vacation 22/12/2012 to 25/12/2012 Four Days  
Thanks Giving Day 22/11/2012 Thursday For those who can opt for US holidays
Apply Leave For 23/11/2012 Friday One Day
Can Plan Vacation 22/11/2012 to 25/11/2012 Four Days  

  • Aj Agrawal

    Could you link me to the original Gazette which is the source of these holidays? It’s quite urgent. Thank you.

  • Daljinder Singh

    Malerkotla (punjab) vich school band nahi hote Gazetted Holidays ko kya kar rahe ho ji.