Love Aaj Kal Movie Review

I have been following this film right from the day it began its promotion and I had only one thing in mind, “This film’s gonna rock!” May be such voluptuous hype made me catch this film as soon as it hit the theatre. Read on to see if LAK justified my huge expectations

The film has two stories running parallel to each other, one is set in the days of 80s and the other is set in the present day. The director cleverly tries to innovate and present the love stories of the two decades and proves the fact that whatever be the era, love still has the same old roots.

The two couples are Jai-Meera in the present scene and Veer Singh -Harleen Kaur back in the 80s. Jai-Meera are practical whereas Veer-Harleen are completely stereotypic lovers. The common link between these two couples forms the backbone of the film.

Though the film had a novel screenplay, it didn’t work out in a way to engage people. There are films like Jab We Met where a small phone call pinches you and you feel like throwing off your phone somewhere but LAK isn’t as special as JWM so you may find your cell phone lucky here. The screenplay lacks substance yet you will see a lot of experimentations in the story-telling (good for film making students).

Here is how my interest levels were at different parts of the film


With ocean like hype (thanks to its publicity and awesome soundtrack), Imtiaz Ali drowns into his own ocean and falls short of ground to make this a deserving candidate. Music played a crucial role in making several scenes worthy of an award themselves.

Love Aaj Kal Movie ReviewComing to the acting front, Saif Ali Khan was better in the 80s role. Deepika Padukone looked good yet couldn’t quite convince everyone, maybe due to her half-baked role. The young Harleen Kaur (Giselle Monteiro) was charming and her expressions were flawless. Rishi Kapoor had very little to do and Neetu Kapoor had nothing to do anyway J .

LAK tries too much in such a short runtime that it falls short of expectations and completely loses on its loose threads. Several scenes try to save the film from collapsing like the scenes in which Saif Ali Khan tells Meera to drink less as he has taken that as an advantage several times and the scenes involving Veer and Harleen in Kolkata where she secretly sneaks in a cup of black tea for Veer which happens to be his favourite.

On the whole, LAK disappoints and you leave the theatre as if nothing happened. With negligible comedy, this film will only survive on the love quotient and strong music.

P.S: Please go to theatres with an ordinary feeling and don’t expect another Jab We Met here and who knows you come out with a good feeling about the film.

[rate 2]


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  • akashdave

    i blike move very munch and i love deepika

  • akashdave

    i blike move very munch and i love deepika