MNP Update

In continuation to my earlier article regarding MNP where I mentioned who is likely to gain and who is likely to lose the consumer base in MNP war.

I was searching the net and found out some figures which show port in and port out details of operators.

One week prior to the launch of MNP all the office notice boards, news papers and television channels were full of advertisements only in relation tariff, customer service and network i.e. in relation to MNP.

But when MNP service started all the advertisements failed to attract the consumer the major reason being the knowledge, I think almost everyone knows pros and cons of mobile networks in India.

I was visiting my office cafeteria and found Airtel and Vodafone have setup their counters especially for porting new connections and out of two Airtel was the one which had queue.

Had a chance to discuss about the various operators with my colleagues, everyone complained about Vodafone and suggested me to stay with Airtel. But this was exactly opposite to what I have written earlier, I thought maybe I was wrong in calculating the figures.

But when I saw the below mentioned porting figures shows that I was correct where Vodafone is the major gainer in the war and local players have lost the market share as expected.

Surprisingly Idea has added whereas Reliance has lost the consumers and as expected the state owned companies BSNL and MTNL have lost their subscribers.

Almost all the major operators have marketed their networks, I believe that

  • Idea and Vodafone were aggressively advertising and have come up with good ad themes.
  • Airtel still thinks it rules the market so has only placed few ads on news papers and on its website
  • Reliance ad was not at all impressive
  • Tata Docomo was also aggressive but failed in advertising its strengths
  • BSNL and MTNL have also advertised their 3G services for MNP but of no use.
  • MTS did some publicity which is next to nothing and I have not seen any advertisement from the local players.

Let’s wait and watch how the figures pan out in future.


The above mentioned porting figure are till 31 Jan 2011 and would like to thank to Teleguru for the data

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