Movie Review: Housefull

After Kambakht Ishq, I made it clear myself that I will never watch a NG movie again. But I don’t know what was going on my head while getting the tickets for Housefull.

Just to give you all a brief, Housefull is a recently released movie starring Akshay Kumar (Aarush), Deepika Padukone (Sandy), Ritesh Deshmukh (Bob),Lara Dutta (Hetal), Jiah Khan (Devika), Arjun Rampal (Major Krishna Rao), Chunkey Pandey (Akhri Pasta), Malaika Arora Khan (Pooja), Boman Irani (Batuk Patel),Randhir Kapoor (Kishore Samtani), Lilette Dubey (Zulekha) and many more.

The movie revolves around Aarush (Akshay Kumar) who is known for his bad luck and his friend Bob (Riteish Deshmukh) who works in a casino along with his wife Hetal (Lara Dutta).

Aarush is out on a search for his love and has to pass several hurdles to get to her whereas Hetal wants to reunite with her father, Batuk Patel who is against her marriage with Bob. The rest is how these stories twist into each other and create a mess.

Handling madcap comedies isn’t easy and excess of humour can lead to a disaster and that’s what the case with Housefull.

Here is how my interest levels were at different parts of the film

I won’t comment on an individual actor’s performance as everyone in the movie were overacting and the real potential went unnoticed.

The good parts in the movie were the Loser song (works well as BGM) and the cinematography. On the flip side, we have countless things which were awful, take it direction, script or the jokes (rather deadly PJs).

Sajid Khan seriously needs to work on a script and think well before making this a tribute to great filmmakers. I wonder how these directors would feel after watching this. The loser song wont go waste for a long time as that will suit Sajid Khan perfectly post-housefull.

I would suggest you not to watch this movie even on a rented DVD. Save yourself some peace and serenity as this could really make your life unstable for a while.

For me, I have to gulp at least four to five pegs to be brave enough to buy the movie tickets of the next NG movie.

I would love to hear from you guys how you felt after watching this movie.

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