Movie Review: I Hate Luv Storys

Last Friday was one of the most boring days in office and seeing our pale faces, our manager gave us a nod to go outside and hang around for some time. All of a sudden we were sailing in the sea of ideas; some gave the idea to roam around; some opted for dinner, whereas the majority were in favour of cinema then followed by a nice dinner.

Finally, we settled in theatres to watch I Hate Luv Storys with nice seats though it was the first day of release.

The movie is about Jay (not Jai) who believes there is nothing called love and Simran who believes in the magic of love. The way these two parallel tracks merge forms the crux of the story.

Imran Khan in I Hate Luv StorysImran Khan (Jay) in his fourth attempt was unable to show his acting skills. Apart from his cool dude look, he was unconvincing and failed to connect with the audience. Whereas, Sonam Kapoor (Simran) did a splendid job and her emotions, expressions were spot on though she needs to considerably work on her dancing skills.

The very first scene of the movie portrays that this film is different from others by making fun of old stereotypic routines but at the end it’s the same old love story.

I don’t know why but the director was very much bent on making this a different movie but failed to do so in the end. With debutant directors making a stronger impact than regular directors, such mistakes can definitely dent his name in the industry.

Here is how my interest levels were at different parts of the film


The cinematography and dialogues were sub standard, It seemed as if the crew was doing us a favour by making movies. To quote one dialogue “Idhar udhar ki baatein” was repeated a number of times which was irritating.

Tunes of the movie were good in audio CD but were not able to make an impact in the movie.

It seems Puneet Malhotra has inherited some of the qualities of Karan Johar or Karan helped him in directing the film as there were traces of Karan Johar’s trademark work.

Others like Bruna, Sammir Dattani and Samir Soni appeared on screen after a long hiatus but with no drop in their class of acting.

On the whole with a potential to deliver a lot, IHLS is a boring fare with no real substance barring Sonam Kapoor’s acting and handful scenes.

After the movie, my colleagues had mixed reactions on the movie. Some said that it was average, some didn’t like it at all and I happen to fall in the latter.

My 2.5 stars just for Sonam Kapoor, nothing else makes a mark as she does!

[rate 2.5]


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  • i think only movie songs are good rather than all film wasn’t so cool we can say that it is the one time watch movie..thanks for sharing..