Movie Review: Kaminey

Based on Cajetan boy’s (Kenyan play writer and short film maker) idea, Kaminey is a story about two brothers who are trapped deep in the world of darkness.

Guddu and Charlie are two identical twins who are separated from each other due to differences between them at the time of their father’s death. One is totla (the one who speaks with a lisp) whereas the other is hakla (who has a problem of stammering). Guddu aka Sanjay spreads awareness about AIDS whereas Charlie is a small time horse race fixer. Sanjay has a girlfriend Sweety who forces to marry him. Sweety’s brother, Bhope who happens to be a politician opposes this marriage. On the other hand, confusion at a hotel lands up Charlie with a guitar containing 10cr worth of cocaine. Underworld funded cops are after Charlie and on the other side, Bhope along with his goons are looking for Guddu and Sweety. A series of events leaves them with their positions interchanged. The rest is how they learn that they have nobody on their side except themselves and how they sort their problems.

Vishal Bhardwaj is an exceptional director and this film strengthens this statement. He interestingly weaves the screenplay and forces the audience to use their intelligence. With his powerful dialogues and the ‘Dhan Te Nan’ tune which is already a youth sensation, Vishal Bharadwaj takes this film to another level.

The first half of the film was totally concentrated on the establishment of characters and the darkness around them which took more time than expected and made the entire first half of the film dull and boring. The second half shoots up with a madcap series of events leading to the final battleground where all the gangsters come together. The movie actually starts from the scene where Tashi enters the clumsy gali where Bhope lives.

I have always admired directors who can deliver the entire message in the shortest time possible and Vishal Bharadwaj does the same. The runtime is perfect and leaves no room for errors.

The characters introduced in this film were top-notch. Like Bhope and Tashi who look so serious in their work yet they deliver their comic streak. Mikhael as Charlie’s friend was good yet the director couldn’t end his role well. The corrupt cops in the film were also good.

Now coming to the real performances, Shahid Kapoor as Charlie and Sanjay managed the two contrasting roles perfectly without compromising on anything. His tough looks as Charlie and innocent looks as Sanjay worked well with the audience and made the characters easily distinguishable. Priyanka Chopra as Sweety handled the typical Marathi girl’s role with skill and her dialect was awesome. Amole Gupte as Bhope Bhau and Tenzing Nima as Tashi made this film complete and made their presence felt in each and every scene.

Vishal Bharadwaj didn’t just work on the film’s presentation and script but also made his mark with rock solid tracks. The ‘Dhan Te Nan’ which marks as the main background score of the film exhilarates the viewing experience. And also adding up to this, there is an unknown track in the film introduced in the climax which worked wonders in making the climax a perfect end for this film.

Here is how my interest levels were at different parts of the film

Knowingly or unknowingly, the new directors’ league has formed a new genre which has made all the difference and gives variety to the audience. Just like how Priyadarshan ends his comic films with all the characters coming together in the climax, Vishal Bharadwaj delivers the same with a pinch of seriousness and bagful of dark humour.

Overall, Kaminey is a well made film and is sure to grow with increasing mouth talk and the aggressive publicity. Go watch it if you like to think while watching a film. With a bit of boring first half and equally compensating second half, Kaminey is a sure shot ‘Paisa Vasool’.

[rate 3]

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