Movie Review: Public Enemies

It seems that this week bollywood has taken a back seat in releasing the films. So instead of sitting at home, I went to watch a Hollywood movie namely “Public Enemies”. The main protagonists of the movie are Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Marion Cotillard, Stephen Dorff, Billy Crudup and Stephen Lang and the film is directed by Michael Mann.

This movie will take you back to the days of great depression (year 1933) in America. Where crimes were at their peak due to which common people were suffering.

This movie mainly revolves around famous bank robber John Dillinger aka John and Melvin Purvis, the FBI officer.

Coming to the performances, given the fact it has a backdrop of 1930 everyone tried their best to keep up their pace according to the era. I cannot pin point even a single artist whom I can say that he/her did not perform well or didn’t meet up to his/her caliber.

It took me some time to understand what this movie was all about, whether the robber is a hero or FBI officer is a villain. Secondly, it becomes slow just before the interval, though it catches some pace in the second half.

Technical crew did a great job while editing or presenting this movie to the audience. They paid attention to minute details like costumes, weapons and German made fast cars, everything was spot on.

Here is how my interest levels were at different parts of the film

A special mention to the aircraft used in this film. It was the Tin Goose, a 1929 Ford Tri-Motor airliner which was used to transport FBI officials and John Dillinger from one state to another.

The bank robberies in this movie lacked the originality. There was no adequate security in the banks. It was similar to the cake walk for John Dillinger to rob a bank. Quoting from the movie a media person asks John.

Media Person: “How much time does it take to rob a bank for you?”

John: ( sarcastically )”It takes one minute and forty seconds flat.”

I don’t think that banks in US are so easy to rob and that too in the period of great depression.

One the whole, the movie was not a sure shot entertainer but on the other hand was not boring too. I think there is a huge room of improvisation for the director.

Some times while watching the movie it reminded me of bollywood flick “Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!”.

I had no expectations about this movie before going to watch it. At the end it was a classy movie which tried its best to entertain its audience but somewhere it lacks something.

[rate 2]


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