Movie Review : Sivaji – The Boss

Cast : Rajinikanth(Super star), Shriya Saran, Nayanathara, Suman, Revathi Menon, Vivek, M.S.Baskar, Kannal Kannan, Livingstone, Raghuvaran, Raju Sundaram
Director : S. Shankar
Producers : M.S.Guhan, M. Saravanan and S.P Muthuraman(A.V.M. Productions)
Music Director : A.R.Rahman
Cinematography : K.V. Anand
Choreography: Raju Sundaram, Raghava Lawrence & Prabhu Deva
Action : Peter Heins
Editing : Anothony
Theatrical Release Date : 15th June, 2007

The much awaited Sivaji – The Boss has finally hit the silver screens. With weeks of heavy booking its definately one tough time for a person to catch up a show this week.The movie kicks off with superstar Rajnikanth arriving at the central jail. This scene was shot with 2000 junior artists and the scene worked really well. The entry of Rajnikanth is not one with high voltage but it really got well with the tone of the movie. Sivaji is a rich NRI who works as a Software architect. He returns back to India to help the poor with the money he earned while working abroad. But corrupt practices acts as a roadblock to his dreams. The rest of the story is how he eradicate the evils and how he help the needy.

The movie focuses on the black money and the hawala racket which affect the country’s economy.The first half of the movie is quite dragging with very little to contribute to the plot. Basically it emphasizes on comedy and family entertainment keeping small bits of the plot running side by side. The second half flungs up as the tempo drastically increases with Rajnikanth’s immense and powerful acting. His presence on the screen makes sure that you are totally lost in the movie. Narration at times is quite lagging. Shankar worked hard on detail but at some parts missed the basic points.

Rajnikanth’s mannerisms and punch dialogues have got a different tone this time. Its the chewing gum and the coin which replaced the cigarette tricks!. His Punch dialogues such as "Debba Adurss!!!" are powerful. His unique style of dialogue delivery and acting is the best thing in the movie. His professional touch to the movie brings out a special feeling for this living legend.

Shriya’s role was very limited to songs and few scenes. The director should have used her character more broadly. Background score by A. R. Rahman is one which brings the feel to the emotion or a fight sequence. Suman’s role was the highlight and his acting was a delight.

Vivek’s slapstick comedy and the chemistry between Rajnikanth and him worked the most in comic shots. One would find himself cracking up with their presence. Sets are pure bliss of artwork. They were as pleasant as a rose petal and rich in feel. Costumes by Manish malhotra were colourful and attractive. Songs were well choreographed. Rajnikanth’s makeup was one highlight of the movie. He seems so young and energetic on the screen which definately brings a new dimension to movie viewing. Editing by Anthony is strictly alright. Fights by Peter heins are good.

Now coming over to the dubbing, Telugu version had many flaws in the dub. You can see few lip-sync issues because tamil words and telugu words are actually way to different while spelling them which affected it a bit but it doesn’t really matter. Lyrics and the music didn’t actually go well which created a slight mess in between songs. The change in board names from Tamil to Telugu were brilliant and looked real.

Some noteworthy scenes are as follows :

  • Rajinikanth trying to get a fair complexion.
  • The dialogue by Vivek with Pogo and Gogo.
  • Rajinikanth and Suman’s chat in the tea shop
  • The deepavali celebration at Shriya’s neighbouring house.
  • Masking Sivaji’s face to avoid disturbances in the crowd.

The climax with the surprises and tensions worked really well. It could have been more better if the runtime of the movie would be cut-off. It was like 3.5 Hours of movie which was quite a long time for a movie. At the end theres always our Rajnikanth with his energetic twists and style. Everytime where the narration loses its tempo its Rajinikanth who patches it up. Somewhere down the end some may feel that the movie’s end was not convincing but at the same time another person with different view would have liked the ending. It totally depends on how a individual accept the scene.

At the end Sivaji is definately one feel good movie with brilliant perfomance by Rajnikanth. It may not be as appealing as Chandramukhi but its feel and hype would create Sivaji one to be listed in the top 10 movies of 2007 so far released. Go watch it with your family and enjoy the flick!

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