Movie Review: Ye Maaya Chesaave

I have never felt so compelled to write a movie review as for Ye Maaya Chesaave. The feel I am carrying with myself even after watching it a day back is simply outstanding and cannot be expressed in words.

I know many of you out there must have already seen the movie but those who haven’t had a chance to watch it should definitely make efforts to watch this one as movies like this are hard to find!

Samantha and Naga Chaitanya in Ye Maaya ChesaaveThe basic plot of the movie revolves around Karthik (Naga Chaitanya), a mechanical engineer who wants to be a film director and Jessie (Samantha), a beautiful, sexy and classy girl who works with Wipro as a Program analyst. She is 24, he is 22 and the love that blossoms between them forms the crux of the story.

The story has several complex layers to it. You have a love story which is as realistic and practical as it can get, an issue about a Christian Malayali girl marrying a Hindu Telugu boy and parents authority over their daughter’s marriage. And all I can say is that Gowtham weaves this into an art work than a mere movie.

The movie flourishes with life, full of complex emotions of the two lovers and the innocence that engulfs their souls. I can safely tell you that it’s hard to point out a movie in the recent times which handled a love story as beautifully as this one did.

Even the tick in my Interest-O-Meter proves that everything is just right with this flick.


Naga Chaitanya as Karthik comes out of his ‘Josh-Effect‘ and shows that he has got the potential to do something really good. Though his dialogue delivery and expressions are a point of concern but they won’t affect the overall feel of the movie. The magic he creates post-interval is speechless.

Samantha on the other hand comes up as the strongest performer in this tale. She enters into the challenging role of a confused and a mature woman who is stuck between her family and her love. It isn’t an easy role for a newcomer but she connects with you so well that you actually feel that Jessie existed in real life. A definite and strong competition to the young brigade of actresses! Samantha and Naga Chaitanya in Ye Maaya Chesaave

The casting is so perfect that it’s hard to imagine Ye Maaya Chesaave without these people.

Coming to the cinematography of the film, Manoj Paramahamsa is the man to be commended for his excellent work. He adds life and soul to the film with his magical locations and flawless work.

The director needs no introduction and he is to be known more from now for his excellent work in this movie. He takes the story slowly and makes it so penetrative that you simply can’t forget Jessie and Karthik even after several days of watching this movie.

Samantha and Naga Chaitanya in Ye Maaya ChesaaveSometimes, the crew clicks so well that each department comes with their best works. And A. R. Rahman with his spellbound Background score and excellent soundtrack takes this movie to a whole new level. I’ve been hooked to the tracks of Ye Maaya Chesaave even more after watching the film and I simply can’t think of any other soundtrack for now.

I’ve seen the Tamil version as well but I personally liked this one more as it ends on a happy note.

On the whole Ye Maaya Chesaave is undoubtedly the best movie this year and is surely going down the history books as a milestone.

The movie has an apt title “Ye Maaya Chesaave”! – Highly recommended.

[rate 4]


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