New York Movie Review

I always had a very odd feeling that Yash Raj Films always produce films which are way too stereotypic but New York gives me a reason to disprove my own thoughts. New York is not just a film but it is a juxtaposition of a documentary and a regular mainstream cinema.

The movie starts off with Omar (Neil Nitin Mukesh) detained by FBI as a part of their interrogation post 9/11. He is sent out on a mission to infiltrate his thick college buddies, Maya (Katrina Kaif) and Sameer Sheikh (John Abraham) who are now happily married with a kid, Danielle. Omar is bent on his protest that neither Sameer nor he is a terrorist and goes on the mission just to prove this. The rest is whether he was right or wrong.

New York isn’t just a different kind of a film for people but also for Yash Raj Films as one expects a film full of gloss and makeup from them but what turns out this time is completely contrasting to one thinks. The film has got emotions embedded well within the post 9/11 frame. The film entirely revolves around three good friends and their life before and after the 9/11 attacks.

The film does get too commercial at places with its prolonged scenes which pinch you like anything but at the end of the day; it does its job in attaching you with the emotions of the three protagonists.

The first half goes on well with everything in place and establishes the foundation for a very strong second half. The few scenes right before and after the interval leaves you thinking. Especially, the scenes involving John Abraham where he narrates his past sends a shockwave down your spine. And also the scene where Maya is frisked by a policeman will definitely have a prolonged impact on you.

Here is how my interest levels were at different parts of the film

Some bits in the second half does look stretched and makes you yawn several times but the highly emotional climax does the job in forgetting all the flaws in the film.

After winning a national award for Kabul Express, Kabir Khan does no mistake in satisfying the hype-god and convinces one and all that this film will be surely be in your mind long after you leave the cinemas. Some films are intended to convey something to the masses and this one does the same and shows the plight of 1200 men who were detained by the FBI and tortured.

New York Movie ReviewThe background music by Julius Packiam compliments the entire screenplay and especially the Sam’s theme which runs right at the time when John narrates his past does make a mark in your heart.

John Abraham as Sameer did an exceptional work. He proves that he is not just a mere model but can act and mould himself in the character well. John’s work in the torture episodes is worthy of an award if there exists an award of such kind. Katrina Kaif isn’t the same Barbie doll as she used to be her earlier films. She does the role with maturity and gives her career best performance.

Neil Nitin Mukesh finally gets something that can take off the tag which ‘Aa Dekhen Zara’ established on him. Neil played a major part of the film and does the job skilfully. Irrfan Khan needs no introduction and gives another fine performance.

Go is the word right from the start and enjoy this brilliant piece of film and one of a kind bollywood film. Just grab a ticket and join the emotional revolution New York creates inside you.

[rate 4]


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