Nokia N 97 Launch Date and Price Details

Finally, the wait for Nokia N97 will be over soon. The Pre-bookings for Nokia’s N97 have already begun from today. After seeing their advertisement in local daily I gave my details to book a phone for myself. Guess what I got a call from their local dealer saying I need to pay a fee of Rs.3000 to book a phone which will be deducted from the total price at the time of launch. The expected release date is somewhere between 20 th June – 25 th June with a price tag Rs. 34,990. He also offered me to visit their store so that he can show me a live demo the phone. I am really looking forward for the phone. Watch this space for more stuff (reviews, photos, unboxing) of Nokia N97.

Nokia Version N 97
Expected Release Date Between 20 th June – 25 th June (India)
Price Rs 34,990
Pre-booking Charges Rs. 3000
Pre-booking Confirmation Mail.

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  • gyanguru

    Update on 16 June: The expected release date is on 22 June 2009

  • raj

    Nokia N97 is priced @ Rs 30,769
    checkout the link

    • gyanguru

      This doesn't seem to be accurate as the box quotes Rs. 36,119

      • gyanguru

        Update the handset is available at different prices ranging 32000 to 36000

        For example Nokia priority is selling the handset between 35000 to 36000 and the mobile store is offering the same handset at 32000

        I have to check whether free bluetooth ear piece is available in other mobile outlets or not

  • coolfx35

    I have just upgraded my Nokia N95 to an N97. So far, so good.

    However, when anyone calls me on my phone it just displays “CALL CALLING” on the screen even though that person is listed in my contacts. I've had a decent look through the menus etc. but I cannot find how to make it display the contacts name when they ring.

    Am I missing something obvious or is this a feature that requires a fix?

    The only thing to mention is that I used Nokia PC Suite to backup the contacts from my N95 and then I restored them to my N97.

    if you have any good idea for a mod, please share them at

    Many Thanks…


    • onlyangelzfall

      i had the same problem, i found i had to save all contacts to the Sim card and not the phone for the names to come up.

  • Hi Gyanbguru,

    I would appreciate your suggestion for making the right choice of mobile.

    My requirements are mainly Internet access and web development.

    I do not play games.

    I would prefer to get something that focus on Internet use functionality rather than buy a bouquet of functionality.

    I am not happy with LG KP 500 hand held device.
    Applications on Internet are meager.
    Touch screen requires delicate handling and demands excess care.

    I use airtel's wap (NOP) service in Mumbai.
    I was told it can serve the same function as GPRS. I have been max able to only browse and
    not login.

    The LG KP 500 was given to me less than a month ago. What is the best way to resale it or return it or replace it?

    Ashok Koparday

    • gyanguru

      You can look in for Nokia’s N 97 (would like you to wait for some more time for this model as Nokia is planning a software upgrade), Nokia 5800 XM, Sony Ericsson X1 or mobile phones from RIM (black berry). As far as the internet goes it can be best experienced only on phones which have huge display.

      Secondly as far as touch screen goes they look delicate but in actual they are not. They are made to withstand tough conditions as well, it is only our perception that they are delicate and LG phone that you have mentioned can be valued at 7500 to 8500 depending upon the usage of that phone and purchaser (The mentioned rates are to be used as assumptions no accuracy is guaranteed).

  • drashok

    I am exhilarated to get a reply. Thanks gyanguru.

    MY REQUIREMENT – posting WEB PAGES, Writing Comments

    Is browsing poor due to handset or airtel WAP that I use?
    Is (NOP) WAP as good as GPRS eg. “Airtel's Mobile Office”?

    What's the difference between N series (N97) and Nokia's E series?
    Can you give Top 5 HANDSETS for Internet use according to price?
    (I prefer Nokia.
    I believe Nokia applications and support on the internet are in plenty + Indian languages)
    ——-Here is my experience with new LG KP 500 —-
    ———(used less than a month)——–
    (readers may skip what follows if they aren't interested in LG or have no time)

    CONS of LG KP500

    SPEED – poor
    BROWSING conflicts with zoom
    LG KP500 while navigating web page when you click the zoom operates and the damn thing gets reduced to 30 % mag.
    This circus is exasperating.

    Other softwares – NOT ACCEPTED, NON FUNCTIONAL
    *a) Cannot download other soft wares and if inserted through PC Suite
    *b) do not function
    Error messages 'invalid descripter!'
    Error message for Operamini 3.1:
    “There was problem connecting. There_ _ _set up. _ _ _ (error:”
    *c) After download the options are “cancel, cancel download”, never it is save or successful

    WIDGETS – None

    BATTERY – takes unusually long time to charge.

    PROS OF LG KP 500
    PRICE is decent.
    KEYBOARD handwriting recognition is good
    DRAWING PANEL entertains artists

    Ashok Koparday

    • gyanguru

      In India mobile internet access is new concept and has to go a long way. As far as Airtel live or WAP goes they are only good for accessing their internal websites and they take time to load other websites.

      I am not going into the technicalities of N and E series. One of the basic difference is N is for multimedia and E is for business applications. However you will find all the things in both N as well as E series handsets.

      Top five handsets as per my choice (barring the price factor) would be to go for

      Sony X1
      Nokia n97
      blackberry bold
      samsung omnia
      HTC touch 2

      (No ranking for above mentioned handsets)

      apart from them if you can wait please do also look forward for omnia HD and new releases by HTC

      • drashok


        I would truly like to know which handset provides richer 'Internet browsing' value vis-a-vis price. Multimedia does not matter.
        It is like those who say I want a mobile just for making and receiving calls. No other paraphernalia.
        I got the prices for your recommended handsets as follows.
        *Sony X1,
        *Samsung omnia,
        *Blackberry bold are (about) 300 US$ =14,700 INR
        *HTC touch pro2 and
        *N97 are (about) 400 US$=19,500 INR

        What is better for Internet Speed?
        Is activating GPRS [eg. mobile office and MMS service] charged Rs 25/day better than WAP Rs2/day?
        Or is there something other tech thing that is preferable for richer browsing experience?

        You have been helpful, but I have not been able to zero in on the product. I do appreciate information you give.

        Ashok Koparday

        • gyanguru

          See having a good internet experience is directly related to the size of the screen. Better the screen size, better is the browsing experience.

          And as for the preferable technology for using internet, I personally prefer Wifi as it offers good speed and pages take minimal time to load as compared to GPRS and WAP which take ages to load.

          If you want a specific set of devices specially tailored for internet usage and networking purposes, then I would suggest you check Blackberry devices and see if they suits your need (Specs).

          And the prices you mentioned are inaccurate as Indian prices vary with USDs. Blackberry storm costs around Rs. 32000+ and N97 costs around Rs 32000-36000

  • Muzafs

    The phone looks awesome as if I am carrying a MINI LAPPI………….As far as price concerned I dont care and would love to have this in my car.

    Nokia E97 baby…I will use you lolz

  • Muzafs

    The phone looks awesome as if I am carrying a MINI LAPPI………….As far as price concerned I dont care and would love to have this in my car.

    Nokia E97 baby…I will use you lolz