Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! Movie Review

This is a story about the journey of an 15 year old teenager who lives with his family in crowded lanes of Delhi and gradually adopts to the world of crime, clever enough to rob the houses of rich people living in Delhi and all about how cops of the city are desperate to catch him. One of the major plus points in this movie is his innovative style of stealing things (I think that some real thieves might have learned some new techniques of stealing things after watching this film).

Dibakar Banerjee who previously directed Khosla Ka Ghosla (2006), has made a comeback in his own style. He did a splendid job while directing the film and left no stones unturned. Apart from direction all the departments of the film are trailing well above the mark of expectations.

Film features Abhay Deol (Lucky), Paresh Rawal (Lucky's Father / Gogi Bhai / Dr. Handa), Neetu Chandra (Sonal), Archana Puran Singh (Mrs. Handa), Manu Rishi (Bangali), Richa Chadda (Dolly), Anurag Chadda (Devender Singh – Cop), Manjot Singh (Young Lucky) and Rajinder Sethi (Criminal).

Abhay Deol (Lucky), the main protagonist of the film plays the role of a thief named Lucky whose innovative style of robbing things makes him a millionaire and in turn attracts the attention of cops. His acting style has improved a lot and he was very much into the character. Overall, he did a great piece of acting.

Paresh Rawal (Luckys Father / Gogi Bhai / Dr. Handa), He is a great actor and one can always expect a healthy comedy from him. But in this film he played three roles of which the role of Lucky's father stands apart. Three roles to one single person was not expected and sometimes made little confusion in the plot.

Neetu Chandra (Sonal), is the lead female protagonist. She played a different role and to be precise, just the opposite to the character of Lucky. She is principled in life and does not touch a penny which isn't hard earned. She was able to make a mark in the limited time frame given to her.

Archana Puran Singh (Mrs. Handa), Ms. Over acting – the name says it all. She always over-reacted to all her scenes in the movie. I think the director has used her style keeping the requirement of the script. Even after such type of acting, the flow of the movie was hardly affected.

Manu Rishi (Bangali), childhood friend of Lucky. His style of dressing was somewhere similar to that of 1970's. He is the actual masala maker of the film. He is the one who introduces Lucky to Gogi bhai (the buyer of steeled goods) and later becomes partner of a hotel with Mr. Handa.

Manjot Singh (Young Lucky), young Lucky the surprise package of comedy, his innocent style of asking questions, his innocent style of taking his first crush to a date and the type of relation that he maintained with his father during his childhood days requires a special mention here.

Rest of the characters include Anurag Chadda (Devender Singh – Cop) and Richa Chadda (Dolly) who have limited roles but they were used in such a way that in the absence of such characters, the movie might have lost its charm. The Haryanvi language used by cops was outstanding and worthy of an applause.

Here is how my interest level was at various parts of the movie.

One the whole the movie has some really good and sensible comedy less obscenity. So everyone in your family can watch this without any hesitation. The movie makes such an impression that one cannot forget the scenes even days after watching the movie. These type of movies do not come regularly. The movie has its own stand and is much better than those madcap comedies which make fun of everything or rather what we call it as 'Forced Comedy'. The publicity of this movie is limited and can bank only on its mouth talk. I don't know how many of you might enjoy the movie. But I am sure people who are hailing from northern region especially from Delhi and Haryana will enjoy the most. I would like to give 3.5 out of 5 for this movie because there is still some scope of improvement in the music segment.

[rate 3.5]


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