Parugu Movie Review

Cast: Allu Arjun, Sheela, Poonam Bajwa, Prakash Raj, Subbaraju, Sunil, Jayasudha, Srinivasa Reddy, ‘Chitram’ Srinu, Jayaprakash Reddy, Jeeva, Ragini, Delhi Rajeswari & Others
Director: Bhaskar
Producer: ‘Dil’ Raju
Cinematography: Vijay K. Chakravarthy
Editing: Marthand K. Venkatesh
Dialogues: B. V. S. Ravi
Script & Screenplay: Bhaskar
Art: Anand Sai
Music Director: Mani Sharma
Singers: Ranjith, Saketh, Kailash Kher, Saindhavi, Ranjith, Hemachandra & Rahul Nambiar
Lyricist(s): Seetarama Sastry, Anantha Sriram & Chandrabose
Cassettes & CD’s on: Aditya Music
Theatrical Release Date: 1 st May, 2008
Audio Release Date: 9 th April, 2008

The highly anticipated film, Parugu in the direction of ‘Bommarillu’ Bhaskar has finally hit the silver screens. The movie is no match for Bommarillu but is highly entertaining with a rock-solid screenplay.

Poonam Bajwa, the elder daughter of Neelakantham (Prakash Raj) elopes with her lover just few moments before her marriage and Neelakantham angrily starts a search operation to crack down their location. Neelakantham and his men catch the boy’s friends and starts investigating. Krishna (Allu Arjun) is one of them. During this Krishna falls in love with a girl named Meena (Sheila) in the village who is none other than the daughter of Neelakantham.

As the search is on, Krishna is bent on impressing Meena to elope with her. The rest is whether Neelakantham will find the first couple and will he allow his other daughter to get married with Krishna .

The movie has got an intelligent screenplay which showcases different angles of the eloping scenario. It highlights the parents anguish, the couples love towards each other and how the two generations intervene together to find a solution.

Bhaskar’s earlier film ‘Bommarillu’ was highly acclaimed and has contributed a huge amount of anticipation for this film. Bhaskar has mingled with the script nicely but has failed to keep it completely original as one can observe several scenes relative to the scenes from Bommarillu. Bhaskar impressively delivers the social message and makes sure it’s not another documentary film by forcing the cause on the audience, but in turn slowly injects the message with the veil of all the commercial ingredients.

The movie has a very creeping first half. The second half takes you on a roller-coaster ride as many of the things are unveiled. The climax is tight and keeps you glued to the screens till the credits roll. Second half has got a good amount of family-drama and a good amount of emotions.

The locations are breath-taking; the first shot at Kodaikanal is nicely shot and looks refreshing. The whole movie is shot in village and its surroundings with very minimal scenes in the towns and cities. Vijay K Chakravarthy has done a nice job as the director of photography.

Parugu Movie Review at Gyanguru

Allu Arjun delivers a lasting performance playing the role of Krishna . He has improved considerably in emotional scenes from his earlier movies. Sheila as Meena is a rare choice by the trio and her characterization in the movie is very weak giving very little room for her to show her talent. The role required a lot of innocence and she expresses it nicely. Jayasudha as the mother of Krishna was hardly there. Prakash Raj as Neelakantham was brilliant in emotional scenes as well as the other scenes.

Poonam Bajwa as Subbalakshmi (Elder daughter of Neelakantham) justified the role. Sunil’s comedy episode was good.

The graphic work used in the movie was mediocre. The digital intermediate work was neat. The runtime of the movie should have been chopped so as to make the dragging scenes vanish quickly and least painful.

Music by Mani Sharma is foot tapping and is an asset to the film. The songs are well picturized with stylish dance steps complimenting it. Allu Arjun’s dance makes it more appealing. Prem Rakshit repeated few steps which he used in Yamadonga in this film showing his lack of creativity.

This film may be welcomed by A-class cities’ audience but may not appeal to the audiences in B and C class cities.

A pinch of action sequences and loads of family entertainment makes Parugu a must watch and a successful venture of the impressive combo – Dil Raju, Bhaskar & Allu Arjun.

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  • pmtarunreddy

    parugu is good

  • onlykiron

    thanks GG
    nice review.


  • alladaraja

    movie is nice but a little bit slow

    story is nothing but the screenplay is good

  • Ganesh1431

    Movie Screenplay is amazing. We should really appreciate Manisharma for such a great background music and songs. Songs talking is also really good… In first three days of realease, Parugu made me to see two times…

    Comedy track is another big basement for the Movie…