Plant a tree from your IPhone

IPhone goes real green with its new application named Iphorest a product from Iphactory. Users can download this application into their IPhone or IPod touch once they have downloaded, they can grow a virtual tree on screens and will be able to see their virtual tree growing and can send seeds to their friends at a later stage.

By growing this for each virtual tree planted, the conservation Fund will plant a real tree in any where in world, starting with restoration of habitats along the Gulf coast. They will work will all leading natural resource agencies to ensure protection of each Iphorest. The application is not available in market right now but many prominent blogs say that it will be available soon. In the meantime if you are want to stay updated on the product you can opted for regular updates list on its official website.

  • You can already do this with A Real Tree. An official partner of the United Nations Environment Program.