Politics in filmy style

Many of us watch Indian films and try to get some inspiration from them. We see them fighting them with 100 Goons at one time and getting out without a scratch on their face. Now as we see the election season has hit the India, we are seeing more and more celebrities are joining politics or extending their help to established parties.

Especially in southern India unlike in northern India we see that there is a segregation of people in the mass and class category. “mass” where people from low income group and “class” where the people hail from higher income group.

In South mass audience hold the major share in the revenues to the film industry. This automatically result it a huge fan following of the celebrities. The southern states experiences the most of such activities where a group of fans create a community and take it a very huge level and the best part they can raise funds to market their hero, when the economies of the world are in deep recession.

Now there is a reverse talent search parties and celebrities themselves have started exploring this route. That’s why we see many celebrities join politics and some who cannot join forms their own parties during elections time. On one hand people think their hero is the best candidate to become the future leader of our country.

But the question lies does that really work? History says that the legends of cinema were able to succeed in elections and were able to form their own cabinets at state levels. But we still have to wait for such type of thing to happen at the centre. At the same time we also witnessed some celebrities were able to defeat some of the eminent politicians in their own territories. And to mention we also saw some celebrities even losing their deposits during elections.

We as citizens of the country see the whole system as corrupt and always cast our valuable vote to the person who think is better than others. The real voting is still needs to be witnessed in this country.

Which is free from caste based politics, Fan based polities, Region based politics and especially religion based politics. As a citizen we should not only look at the promises made by them but also look at the fact whether they were able to accomplish their promises made during election campaign.

India has one of the greatest minds of the world and has the largest base of young and dynamic citizens. There is an urgent need to shift ourselves to a new era of politics. Where the future Governments should work in sync to expectations of the country.