The Power of the Gmail Inbox

Gmail is a fantastic, free internet email service, usable by anyone from a rank novice all the way up to an epic tech genius. The standard interface is pretty straightforward, relatively easy to navigate. But did you know that there is more that you can do with Gmail’s inbox – powerful tips and tweaks you can apply to make Gmail the informational nexus of your online life?

For instance:

  • Instead of settling for having multiple email addresses from many different providers, you can easily consolidated them all into one Gmail account. Step one in this process is to import your email and contacts from whatever other email providers you have been using. The process to do so is very straightforward, and you can learn more about it here .
  • Instead of going through each and every one of your hundreds upon hundreds of emails in your various and sundry folders just to find that one thing that one guy sent to you that one time about…well, that one thing, you can easily search your email using Gmail Search .
  • Why just reply to an email with another email…when you can reply face-to-face…sort of? You can, from your Gmail interface, initiate a video chat !
  • Your boss send you a request to have those TPS reports done by next Tuesday? Your significant other add some things to your "honey-do" list? Turn emails into tasks quickly and seamlessly by simply clicking on the More Actions menu and selecting Add to Tasks . Your Gmail task list then appears as a pane in your Gmail window (or you can pop it out into its own window) on whatever computer you check your email on, or from your mobile at
  • Overwhelmed by the mountain of information flowing into your inbox? Tame your inbox with filters and colored labels .
  • Set a vacation responder for when you know you’re not going to be checking your email, but still want to let people know you’ll get back with them when you can.

And there’s so much more you can accomplish with Gmail. Truly a powerful tool for digital communication!