How to protect your facebook account

In the recent past we might have came across various scams which are especially linked with social networking website facebook and they are mainly done by using user accounts of the website.

Facebook is a growing social networking phenomenon which has grown like anything and is still growing. Therefore it becomes more important to protect these types of accounts. I am also an avid lover of the website and was bit worried about these scams, so in order to make my account more protective I did some research which I am sharing with you.

First and foremost thing do not limit your account password limited only to numbers or words

Never use words which are part of your user ID or your account name.

Use combinations of words, numbers and symbols it would be best you use case sensitive’s in your password for example “@Tango59Charlie”

Try to avoid any third party web toolbars apart from the trusted ones, because some malicious toolbars which often comes free with smileys or other stuff do contains a code which is programmed to read your key strokes. Therefore whenever you see an option of virtual keyboard do use that.

Never share your password with anyone (first thumb rule for protecting your account).

Most of us who use face book regularly and might have come across some video or link shares which have following headings like

  • Shocking you would never eat from Mc Donald’s after seeing this.
  • You will hate Rihana after watching this.
  • 98% of the people are not able to see this video for more than thirty seconds.
  • Dad was shocked to see his daughter doing this.

All the above headings look luring but don’t fell into prey and click those links. In case if you ever come across such links in your feed, do highlight it your friend and also to the face book team

Try to avoid those browsers which allow script execution, but if you are not tech savvy use internet explorer nine and Firefox latest version (they have worked to handle such kind of issues).

Apart from this do watch the below video which is made public by facebook team in public interest to safeguard their accounts. Also if you know any other options or methods please do share with us here.

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