Quantum of Solace movie review

The bond franchise has been totally revamped after their earlier blockbuster ‘Casino Royale’ which amazed everyone with its terrific direction and the performances of the individuals. Did Quantum of Solace meet the prerequisite hype created by it’s prequel, read further to find out.

In Quantum of solace, James bond takes things personally and takes on Dominic Greene who is after one of the most precious resources in the world. But Greene is just a part of a huge organisation called the Quantum. The rest is how the bond gets on their nerves with his brute force.

A sudden decline in the runtime and that being a huge margin of 1 hour as compared to it’s prequel Casino Royale, Quantum of solace tries to take your adrenaline to limit you would never expect. With those Alpha Romeos getting smashed up in the action sequences to an aeroplane battle; Quantum of Solace has so much to offer and leaves you enthralled in each and every shot.

And what makes Bond stand out of the rest is his style of dealing things and the high-octane thrill which he offers to us and that’s seen everywhere in the movie but lacks in emotions. Bond’s brain doesn’t play tricks to crack some mystery rather he goes on rampage to kill everyone on his way to kill Greene.

High tech gadgets and those sexy cars make this bond even more appealing and Quantum of Solace has got something really special to display. The gadgets were really good and were quite similar to one of HP’s commercial. Although they were superficial, they looked extraordinary and showed the extent of technological advancements.

One thing which didn’t suit the Bond franchise was the use of a Sony Ericsson mobile phone to capture extremely long shots of people where the quantum members talk. The photos were little pixelated when magnified but all the pictures were magically transformed to passport sized photographs while he captured few from the side view.

There’s no bond without the bond girls around him and this has got a 28 year old Ukrainian stunner Olga Kurylenko. She isn’t the usual bond girl as we have seen earlier and leaves very little impression on you but fits the role perfectly. Also in the mix is Brit Gemma Arterton whose character discards in the quick narration of the movie.

Here is how my interest level was at various parts of the movie.


Daniel Craig performed brilliantly. His agression, wit and one liners stood out and is surely one of the best bonds we have ever had. The bond girls were adequate. Mathieu Amalric as the villain did an excellent job. He was right on spot and played the role of an intelligent villain effectively.

Out of all this there still one thing which is missing in the movie and that is the bond’s trademark dialogue “The name’s bond, James Bond!”.

The title design by MK12 was vibrant and appealing. Nice use of sand textures and abstract lines to create a beautiful blend. The background was neat and remained unobtrusive to the titles.

And to my utter amazement this time’s bond theme was mediocre and was completely out of place. Background score by David Arnold was top-notch. The camera work was excellent and especially the shaky action sequences which were the best in the lot.

So, Quantum of solace is completely aggressive and has very little to offer for those seeking romance, emotions and even some logical aspects. Quantum of Solace fails miserably in comparison with it’s predecessor Casino Royale even though having high-octane actions and exotic locations in place.

I will go with 3.5 out of 5 for Quantum of Solace and term it as an average flick with many things to foster the needs of action-seeking audience.

P.S.: You might be surprised to see an average remark by me on the movie. This remark is with reference to the other bond films and not actually with the entire spectrum of hollywood films. We all know that an average bond film is as good as a blockbuster in hollywood.

[rate 3.5]


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  • Chris

    If it’s as shaky as Bourne 3 then I won’t even bother. If I’m paying to see a movie, then I want to be able to actually see it. This is the first time a visual style has kept me from going to the movies. And I won’t be bothering with the next Bourne flicks either, for the same reason.