Qwiki interactive resume creator

For many people the thought of having to put down your whole life… education, work experience, hobbies… onto a clean white sheet of page is overwhelming. The confines of a traditional resume just won’t do for some people in this digital age and for these people Qwiki.com  is offering an intriguing way of creating a slick video resume that is fully interactive and can be used to capture your digital personality.

The growth of sites like YouTube and Vimeo have contributed to the growth of the today’s video resume. Many job  seekers have found the video resume to be an effective tool that sets themselves apart from other employment seekers. However, not everyone possesses the technical savvy to create an impressive video and many others just don’t have all the equipment or software to pull it all off.

Qwiki Resume Creator

The Qwiki Creator service is currently in alpha mode (which means some of the bugs may still need to be worked out), but even at this early stage, Qwiki makes it easy to upload photos, video, voice over, text… etc. The site allows you to tell your professional story while discussing examples of your work, awards and accolades. The best part of this platform is that it is interactive; you can include “Learn More” links throughout the entire resume.

Once your resume is complete you can easily add it as a link inside of an email, or in a traditional resume or cover letter. And if you want to stay on the technical side… you can create a QR Code that sends prospective employers directly to your new Qwiki video.

The company began by compiling interactive media on many of the topics catalogued on Wikipedia, but has future plans to allow individuals to search for themselves. A personal Qwiki could consist of information or visual elements gleamed from social networks (just one more reason to think before you Facebook or Tweet). They do plan on including the ability for people to improve the content of their personal Qwiki by submitting new information and photos; much like other Qwikis.

Interactive Resume Example

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