Raaz – The mystery continues Music Review

Music of Raaz 2 has to be good and not just average as its prequel Raaz roared the charts for a long time and resounds in the heart of music lovers till date. With a series of swap game with music directors, Raju Singh was fixed as the composer for this film along with few more assorted music directors to make this something really good. Composers weren't what we were looking at but the product which has to surpass the sky high standards set by its prequel. So let's start analysing each song and see if this one is as good as the earlier one or not.

Maahi Ve

The soundtrack takes off with Maahi Ve, which many of you might have heard in the trailers too. This one stands true to the Bhatt camp and their type of music. This one catches on you like the usual hit song of Emraan Hashmi just like Toh Phir Aao and Woh Lamhe. Nice and slow thumps make yet highly energetically orchestrated song. It is a gem right from the start. Toshi's singing and his rendition makes this more effective.

[rate 3.5]


Next comes Soniyo sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal. It is a complete romantic number just like Bheege Hoth Tere. Soniye has the potential to make the love birds around the nation stick to this one for a while. This one has extremely soothing background music and excellent lyrics. Not much variations in the song but has got the much required romantic appeal throughout the song. Some sets of instruments used in the song can be related directly to Bheege Hoth Tere. If Maahi Ve was good, this one is best!

[rate 4]

O Jaane

Emraan Hashmi without a K. K.'s song is simple unimaginable. Here he comes up with O Jaana taking the charge entirely on his shoulders. Slow thumps again and more concentration on the lyrics is given here. K. K. handles the singing part with ease along with the chorus. Background music isn't catchy and may take some more repeated hearing to get on you. After two definite hits, this one gets little damp.

[rate 2.5]

Kaisa Yeh Raaz Hai

K. K. comes again with Kaisa Yeh Raaz Hai, which is basically the theme song of the film. Many might have seen the theatrical trailer and the theme music which you hear is the starting bit for this one. This one is as slow as a snail. It has haunting feel spread all over and heavy voice of K. K. takes this to another level. A remix-able song for sure.

[rate 3]

O Banda Re

As the next song rolls out, we can hear the chants of slokas. Krishna renders this song which has got very haunting yet traditional feel to it. The slokas as the chorus part were extremely effective and kept the tone of the song stable.

[rate 2]

Soniyo (from the heart)

Now here's a light romantic song again Soniyo (from the heart), this one isn't a new one but just a deeper version of Soniyo. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's singing is extremely good and keeps alive the romantic vibes embedded in the song.

[rate 3.5]

Maahi Ve (Rock with me)

After all these slow numbers, we needed a song to jump, dance and freak! Maahi Ve (Rock with me) comes to the rescue here. This one has some heavy rock influences in it and a good number to tap your feet.

[rate 3]

O Jaana (Dance with me)

O Jaana (Dance with me) is a complete remix to the original one. The pace is increased but isn't effective as the song has more to do with lyrics than the music. Its just like increasing the pace of the song with random loops being played in the background.The song doesn't satisfy a bit. Overall, this one is the only mediocre track in the soundtrack.

[rate 1.5]

On the whole, Raaz 2 has got few elements which can surpass its prequel but on the whole doesn't surpass or is equivalent but rather stays just a step below its prequel. There are some songs which can rule the charts for the coming days of which Maahi Ve is for sure.

As the CDs roll out tomorrow in the stores near you, make sure you grab this one if you have immense love for slow, romantic and spooky songs.

[rate 3]

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