Reliance Netconnect Broadband Plus Details

Reliance communications has invested nearly Rs. 600 Crores in its broadband business. They have upgraded their software in their existing network to increase the internet speed on their existing infrastructure. This new service is named as Reliance Net Connect Broadband Plus, under this technology the user can get a speed of up to 3.1 Mbps downlink (Download Speed) and 1.8 Mbps uplink (Upload speed). It is also interesting to know that, if you are not in their Net Connect broadband coverage area then the software will automatically convert your connection to their existing 1X network without any call or data loss.

Details about Reliance Net connect Broadband Plus

USB Hardware
  • Huawei EC 168 C
  • ZTE AC871
Cost of Hardware
Rs. 3,500
Price beyond usage

 Pay As you Go

Rs. 299/-


Rs. 2/- per MB

 Broadband + 1 GB Plan

Rs. 650/-

1 GB

Rs. 2/- per MB

 Broadband + 2.5 GB Plan

Rs. 850/-

2.5 GB

Rs. 2/- per MB

 Broadband + 5 GB Plan

Rs. 1099/-

5 GB

Rs. 2/- per MB

 Broadband + Citywide Unlimited Plan

Rs. 1099/-


Please do check with their customer care. I think they do have cap of 10 GB on unlimited plans as well.

 Broadband + Unlimited Plan

Rs. 1750/-



Night@ Unlimited
Rs. 499/-
Unlimited Night
50 p per min during day
( 6AM to 10PM)

 Unlimited Night Add-on Pack **

Rs. 199/-

Unlimited Night

Coverage Area
Check their official web site
Max. Downlink Speed
(in Kb ps)
Max. Uplink Speed
(in Kb ps)
Avg. Downlink Speed
(in Kb ps)
Avg. Uplink Speed
(in Kb ps)
Time to download
5 Mb file
1.3 min
Time to upload 5 Mb file
1.3 min
Very Good
Very Good
Video Download
Very Good
Video Conference/ Chat
Very Good
Very Good
Upload Photo
Very Good
Send Large Email Attachments
Very Good
No. Of Cities covered
Within the city
Very Good

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  • mansimran singh

    in unlimited plans has also same speed

  • Anish

    3.1 mbps is now in India.. woopiie.. thanks to Reliance and thanks for sharing the price and plan details. I am too looking to get one for me, is it available in reliance web world outlets?

  • Ram

    i wonder how these guys normally design plans like this. Giving speed ranges in MBPS and restriction in 1 GB and all is hectic..

    moreover in unlimited if they put 10GB restriction then whew..

    Today i got a chance to use this device. i thought of checking the speed by opening 5 youtube videos at a time. The streaming goes equal in all the 5 tabs in my firefox browser.

    Airtel gives 75GB restriction on 384 kbps connection. This sounds OK. Reliance must also bring such plans to prove that they really want to bring the real speed in internet to india. But customers should understand this and ask for some convenient plans.

    And renaming of the unlimited plans to 10GB Dhamaka or 10GB PACKAGE would be better.. ;)

  • umesh

    Hi Ram,
    As you had mentioned you had exprience by using the new datacard. do you feel is it good speed like leased broadband connection. What are the speed you receive.
    Can u test the below link and reply the speed.

  • I’ll be getting my netconnect broadband tommorrow, yeah they are doing it even on Sundays, as i got a call from a guy from Reliance that he will be visiting my home for installation and delivering the modem tommorrow morning, will post update about it’s performance tommorrow


    • Noufal

      where i can buy kerala or karnataka

  • Deepak Sharma

    Its nice to hear that they are providing this new wireless broadband which removes the restriction of location.

    But its must be confirmed whether they are true to their promise or not.I am interested to know about this performance.

    Specially Mr Kapil.Please mail me the details of the performance and speed of this device through mail.Will be very thankful to you.As i am planning to buy this device as soon as possible.


  • Deepak Sharma

    Email Id removed to due to security reasons and will reply as soon as possible…

    I am lookin forward to get reply for my last comments.


  • sijin


    What you said makes sense. “Unlimited” plan with a 10GB cap is crap :)



  • kanni

    plse wich wireless connection better,iwnt download speed high

  • Madan Saini

    Yes I am also agree. That if they say this unlimited plan and put a 10GB restrction then why they make tis plan as 10GB in place of Unlimited. Basically they are trying to make the fool of the users.

  • Venki

    RIM BBD + available only in the following cities:

    Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vizag, Pune, Chandigarh, Ernakulam, Ahmeddabad, Coimbatore, Vododara, Surat, Bhopal, Indore, Jaipur, Lucknow, Nagpur, Kakinada, Rajamundry, Vijaywada, Guntur, Kota, Salem, Ajmer, Vapi, Patiala, Ujjain, Nagpur, Ludhiana, Thiruvananthapuram, Mysore, Tirupur & Erode.

  • abilash

    hello everyone.. go through this…

    Also go through the comments of the users… :)

    • abilash

      Go for netconnect broadband+ only if u don’t have access to wired broadband and bsnl evdo…The tariff is too high. Reliance it taking advantage of those who don’t have access to high speed internet. Why don’t they follow a similar tariff as of BSNL.

  • Hari

    Can I have more details about “Pay As You Go” plan? What does that plan mean actually?

  • G.Pavithra

    how to know my plan in reliance netconnect broadband plus??

  • gyanguru

    This connections does not include any free download and upload bandwidth. this is purely based on usage. for example if you use 100 MB in a month then the cost will be monthly rental plus 100×2 plus taxes

  • Chetanya

    I purchased Reliance net connect plus couple of days ago.
    1. The download speed is excellent averaging more than 2 Mbps.
    2. The upload speed averages 150 Kbps

    The overall experience is WOW!.

    Previously I was using broadband from MTNL Delhi. The service is pathetic, I was only able to use the internet for couple of days in month and that to with frequent connection problems.

    • anil

      Which device is good ZTE or Huwaei ec 168c ?

  • rikky

    bakkwassssssssss plan hai………

  • Rakesh

    Dear All,
    Would like to clear your doubts,

    Reliance Net connect Broadband plus will get a Avg speed of 1.2 Mbps in peak hours, It may go more than 2.5 in non peak hours. The new plans launched by reliance have a 20 gb cap. ie 10 GB day and 10 GB night.

    Note: The CaP is there because they have to give a better service to the actual users, else people will download everything on the net.

    If you

    Purchase from a Direct Sales Team – Ask for the Channel Sales Managers mobile number
    Purchase from a Corporate Team – Ask for Associate managers number

    They will assure you a better service.

    For those in kerala [ Techno Park ], i can help you for getting this deice with a better service.

  • Naveen

    i am also one of the victim of the reliance netconnect i bought the connection at december and i closed the connection on janauary but he never stopped me sending me bill i went to the reliance world again and again but there was just a consolidated response they say “dont worry” its not a problem we will do it right.
    finally i got a notice from court to be present before lokadalath i was shocked then i again went to the reliance world the answer was the same finally i have to pay 3000/ rs without any mistake of mine. there are 1000s of people who daily come to the lok adalath daily all are reliance company victims.
    The reliance is the biggest frauds i have paid 3000/ rs without any reason the actual fault was the companies but i was the victim.
    how do you think that they have the crores this is the reason. Never go to any reliance postpaid or prepaid products. this is a kind request to all indians never buy these frauds products.

  • invee

    For the speed & Good service one can select the Best Broadband service my father selected the Best Broadband service i am using the Broadband service in my office for the internet purpose i choosen the unliomited plan as shown in the article i test whether my speed is good or not using the site

  • meetdboy

    m frm raipur i just want 2 know dt wen it launches on raipur (c.g) nw m using reliance netconnect 1x so hw can i upgrade to broadband plus bcoz in raipur city broadband plus is nt available

  • meetdboy

    m frm raipur i just want 2 know dt wen it launches on raipur (c.g) nw m using reliance netconnect 1x so hw can i upgrade to broadband plus bcoz in raipur city broadband plus is nt available

    • Sachin


    • Kamarudheenkm

      you just go to reliance web and gave request to upgrade.there is no any other formality like submitting new photo&id proof.upgrade plan 3 gb 500rs.there were option for activating prepaid ix connection in ur old device.

  • I have bought 10 GB night and 10 Gb day plan for Rs. 1500. I think its worth for the coverage and speed that reliance gives

  • mpgeav

    reliance net connect gives good speed,i m a user of airtel data card adn they give speed of 40-50 kbps so dont buy airtel data cards its pathetic buy netconnect gives a good speed upto 3.1 mbps

    • Nikhilmittal Com

      no bro reliance net connect is fraud they are telling that they give speed up to 3.1mbps but the actual speed is10 to 15 kbps ..

  • aakashking

    drivers not saporting for win 7 getting sound driver problems

  • Anshu

    This is crap device bsnl evdo rev0 2.4Mbps DL, 1.8Mbps UL is giving average download speed of 1 Mbps and avg upload speed of 0.10Mbps so above stated avg. speeds of reliance netconnect is in no way similar to bsnl evdo though bsnl has an older techonology! So wake up guys do not fall in the prey of reliance advertisement. Its their rule to steal ur hard earned money giving u about nothing and using ur money again for ads biggest example is that in rel netconn. bb+ u get an unlimited plan for Rs.1750 that too they have a cap of 10 GB on it whereas bsnl evdo comes with an unlimited internet usage/download just for Rs. 750 only. Moreover in bsnl evdo u have the facility to rent the modem at just Rs. 200 per monts whereas in reliance u will have to buy the modem.

    • Well Said, Please check for the stars in the brochure while buying any services especially from private companies.

  • Rinue

    it very slow in 1x broad plus is avalable on city only

  • Amalanil


  • Er Kanikachaudhary

    is their any student plan in reliance netconnect

  • nagaraj

    can I change my 1x speed modem to 3g

  • r.vignesh

    reliance net connet plus is very slow i have received for 5kbps per second ok

    • Mayank88

      same here

  • Arun Hawk

    Dont buy reliance speed is worse

  • Brockash

    reliance sucks….

  • Rinku Ahuja

    fudu connection