Reliance Net connect Vs. Tata Photon

The days are gone when it used take 30 minutes to download a five MB song from the net. Yes, with the introduction of broadband services in India, the war to capture the market has already begun. We are witnessing a huge array of offerings by various service providers in the country to name some of them

Company Products
MTNL 3G, HSDPA, Broadband (Wire-line)
BSNL 3G, EVDO, Broadband (Wire-line)
Airtel EVDO, Broadband (Wire-line)
TATA Broadband (Wire-line), HSIA (Wireless)
Reliance Broadband (Wire-line), HSDPA

In context to our previous post regarding 3G services in India. We are here with a comparison between Reliance promoted Netconnect Plus and TATA promoted Photon. Reliance uses HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) and TATA uses HSIA (High Speed Internet Access) as backbone technology for their offerings. Both service providers claims that they provide 3.1 Mbps as downlink (download speed) and 1.8 Mbps uplink (Upload Speed).

Below you can see we have tried to draw a comparison between them:


  Reliance Net connect Plus TATA Photon
Network Connectivity / Availability [rate 3] [rate 2.5]
Customer Care [rate 2] [rate 2]
Area Covered [rate 3.5] [rate 3]
Hardware Options [rate 3] [rate 3]
Tariff plans [rate 3]* [rate 2]
Third party review and comparisons [rate 2] [rate 3]
User sentiment [rate 2.5] [rate 2] #

# Many people think the people who were behind their wire line business are also working for wireless business and we all know who TATA is performing in wire line business.
* It offers prepaid plans as well

The only thing which we personally dint like, is the cap on the unlimited plans (by introducing fare usage clause in their terms and conditions). In the first place, if the provider is placing any kind of restrictions on the plans provided then the company should convey the same clearly. It makes no sense naming a plan as unlimited then placing a star on top of it.

We would not like to give any kind of overall rating by quoting which is better or which one to buy. The above mentioned article is only for informational purpose. User who is looking to buy such products is requested to do some more research on his own before buying products.

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  • raghu

    this info is useful before being trapped by these companies

  • raghu

    this info is useful before being trapped by these companies

  • Cliftonbryan

    I prefer Relaince netconnect. dont go for tata photon

  • Sanjaybrahmankar

    i m photon user its very slow

  • Kazimkhan

     M reliance netconnect + user from last 8 months…  network is very good. speed is not constant.  

  • Tamsan95

    reliance data card is very bad data card,i am recharged in 900 unlimited monthly pack but google page is not open in any time. very very slow.

  • Bhavana Sharma

    Reliance is one of the best mobile operator in India. It provides us the facility of Data card or 3g Internet using the net-connect. The reliance netconnect data card recharge plans are also easy and affordable to us.