Sainikudu Movie Review

A medico dreams for a Utopian political scenario where the politicians work like Guljarilal Nanda who worked as PM for two terms and could not even own a house in his life time, like Tanguturu Prakasam who never cared for his life to serve people, like Vavilala Gopala Krishnaiah who worked with selflessness and Lal Bahadur Sastry who served with dedication. The lead role in the film expresses the above in his dialogue at the ante climax of the film. The motive of the film is also same.

Mahesh Babu played the medical college student and he was not at all shown in medical college atmosphere. Only a small dialogue in one scene conveys that he is a medico.

The film starts with floods at Rangasaipet in Warangal District. Houses, trains and people inundate in flood water and Siddarth, (Mahesh Babu) a young man saves the people up to his maximum effort. Eight of his friends assist him in the rescue activity.

On the other hand Chief Minister (Kota Sreenivasa Rao) recommends the candidature of Pappu Yadav (Irfan Khan), for Assembly Elections. Pappu Yadav is a goonda who wishes to earn big through politics and power. To get the attention of people Pappu Yadav announces a sum of Rs.5 Crore for flood victims.

After the floods, a few goondas come to distribute food packets for flood victims on behalf of Pappu Yadav. But that food wouldn’t reach all. Adding to that many would die and receive bruises from the goondas who come to distribute the food packets. Siddarth fights with ill-mannered goondas and distributes food to victims along with his friends.

This irritates Pappu Yadav and his right hand, Mondi Nani (Prakash Raj), comes to threaten Siddarth, while he distributes food for victims. Strife develops between Mondi Nani and Siddarth and the latter declares that his friend (Ajay) would be contesting in the coming Assembly Election opposite to Pappu Yadav. Siddarth and team get good mileage from people and they start campaigning. To cut the mileage of people and to win with sympathy point, Pappu Yadav conspires for a bomb blast allegation on Siddarth and Co. Mondi Nani works for him and the mission accomplishes. Pappu Yadav declares Siddarth and Co as terrorists and wins the election in wrong way. Pappu Yadav also becomes Home Minister immediately and his marriage settles with Vara Lakshmi (Trisha). Siddarth, with the help of many college students kidnaps Varalakshmi from marriage hall in a dramatic sequence, demanding Pappu Yadav to let out his crimes before the court of law.

Rest of the film is Home Minister Pappu Yadav chasing behind Siddarth for getting back his bride Varalakshmi. ACP (Telangana Shakuntala) also assists him and spills a little comedy with her style of dialogues. The film has no twists and turns and major part goes with chasing aspect.

Finally, how Siddarth puts and end to the game of crooked politicians has to be seen on screen.

Mahesh Babu is the heart of this film and he performed at his ease and shown his worth in fights and dances once again. He also displayed emotions well. Trisha promises a good visual treat with sensible dresses. Irfan Khan is good and Prakash Raj is better. Telangana Sakuntala could spill a very little comedy portraying the role of ACP.

Anand Sai’s Art Work deserves good marks and Digital Imaging Effects play prominent role in the film. Peter Heins also performed his part with stunts well, although some appeared to be hard-to-believe.

Harris Jayaraj’s music is good and background score is heavy. Sethu’s effects and Alagal Swamy’s visual effects deserve a mention.

Aswini Dutt proved his caliber without compromising on production values. Guna Sekhar falls short in screenplay and in choosing Trisha’s episode for this Story.

Scenes Worth-Mentioning: The visual effects used while collapsing the wooden bridge when Mahesh Babu runs on it

  • Clouds effect in the song ‘Mayera Mayera..’
  • Wind Mills and Warangal Backdrop in the song ‘Go Go Go Adigo..’
  • Mahesh Babu in traditional Andhra attire (pancha) in the song ‘Adapilla..’
  • Color grading in all the songs
  • Mahesh Babu giving ‘silent shock’ to Irfan Khan
  • The back of an Auto in ante climax reads ‘Gona Ganna Reddy’ (as a suggestive title for Guna Sekhar’s next movie)

Suggestive Betterments:

  • The first cyclone scene might have used for titles to avoid lengthy feel for audiences.
  • Mondi Naani’s character is a replica of Moddu Seenu. The story might have taken on this character with more political elements and intelligent scenes instead of running the theme with Trisha.
  • Cutting short the length of Trisha-Mahesh Babu episode

Notable Dialogue:

  • Mahesh Babu: (showing a young boy who was died in stampede during food distribution for flood victims) Varadochchi Veedi Ammani Nannani Champesthey, Varada Sahaayam Vachchi Veedini Champesindi
  • Mahesh Babu: Nenu Champanu. Chaavuni Parichayam Chesthaa (this should be understood as ‘I will not kill. But introduces to the deadly situation’)
  • Hollow Dialogue: Mahesh Babu: Yudhdham Tappadanukunappudu Ramudu kooda Sainikudu kaaka Thappaledhu (the sense in this dialogue is not conveyed to audiences) Analysis: First half of the film goes very slow with lengthy scenes. Second half of the film goes with extensive sequence.
  • Motive of the film sounds subtle but the theme chosen for the purpose took the objective out of track.
  • Credit goes to technical effects and Art direction. This would certainly be a visual treat for audiences. All the songs were pictured well and sufficient visual effects are used aptly.
  • Comedy, sentiment and proper love track are missing in the film.
  • Current affairs like floods and Moddu Seeenu’s episode are used in the film. The dialogues like ‘Maa Baava Kallallo Anandam Choodadaanikey..’ are directly picked up from Moddu Seenu’s expressions before media.

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