Shaurya Movie Review

One should have guts to make a movie about the situations inside the defence system. This time the director has dared to cross the line to make a movie which makes person think about its individuality. Several critics accused the movie as a lift of a movie called “A few good men”. But one thing is for sure, portraying characters to suit the Indian environment is not an easy job.

The movie revolves around the court-martial of Captain Javed Khan who shot his senior while on a search operation. Major Siddhanth Choudhary (Rahul Bose) is cool as well as lethargic guy. He takes up this case on advice by his friend Major Akash Kapoor (Javed Jaffrey). The rest is how Major Siddhanth Choudary proves his Shaurya by fighting the case.

All the characters in this movie are near to their actual potential. The movie revolves around few characters and the rest of the cast plays the role of catalysts.

Rahul Bose as Major Siddhanth Choudhary gave one of the finest performances till date and the transition he brings from funky dude to a dignified lawyer shows his capacity to handle complex roles.

Minnisha Lamba as Kaavya Shastri, a newspaper journalist who was also working on this case finds that the defence counsel don’t know anything and the case and is trying to make this open-shut case. Because of this, Major Siddhanth lands up in to a big trouble. Later she helps him is studying the case and finding further clues.

Captain Javed Khan (Deepak Dobriyal) – cadet with an outstanding track record during his training period. Soon after the incident he turns silent and does not want to open his mouth hinting the audience that he is guilty but there is a reason to it. He did noteworthy acting by living the character.

Javed Jaffrey as Major Akash Kapoor was seen all over the movie but somewhat had a limited scope for acting. He was found sitting, in a court room and with Rahul Bose in the Major Adams office. He was the one who showed Major Siddhanth, the right way to go and was more like his brother rather than his friend.

Brigadier Pratap Singh (Kay Kay Menon) – The person who likes to play golf in the border, has a sharp memory, and is always right with figures. All throughout the film he maintains the dignity of Brigadier but his role was bit stiff against all the other characters of the movie.

Shaurya Movie Review at Gyanguru

Rest of the characters were barely seen and cannot be commented upon.

Some notable scenes:

  • When Brigadier Pratap Singh invites Major Siddhanth Choudhary for a coffee and Brigadier Pratap Singh reminds him the cost of a single cup of coffee to get there.
  • Visit of Javed’s mother to get her son justice.
  • Major Siddhanth Choudhary, while jogging in the morning finds a ray of hope and starts rejuvenating himself by watching the beautiful landscapes of Kashmir .
  • Interview of Major Siddhanth by Kaavya Shastri about the case.
  • In courtroom where Brigadier Pratap Singh erupts after listening to the D52 Mayur Vihar Incident.

On the whole, Shaurya is made in a professional way and there is no exaggeration. The dignity and pride is maintained all throughout the film. The movie is made with a vision of a normal man which makes it understandable to everyone. This movie is made for serious audience.

The mouth talk will be the saving grace for this film apart from its minimal publicity.


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