Singh is Kinng Audio Review

Singh is Kinng audio review

Singh is Kinng is finally here. Akshay Kumar is already having a great phase in his life where all of his movies are getting hit and being appreciated by the audience whole-heartedly. Anees Bazmee is the director of this film who has given hits like No entry and Welcome. Singh is Kinng is also on the same lines of these two movies and has a neatly packed humour package with it. Pritam Chakraborty composes this soundtrack with several other independent artists. Welcome’s soundtrack was welcomed by the mass listeners but was rejected by others. Does Singh is Kinng appeal to everyone? Read to find out.

Singh is Kinng – The most anticipated song is right here. The title track which was in the news for it’s unique combination of singers; Snoop Dogg and RDB. Snoop Dogg provides the much needed rap transition in between the songs and then comes the RDB singing Punjabi lyrics. At places you can see complete change in the music from western to Indian specifically Punjabi. On the whole this song is a homogenous mixture of western music and Indian folk music. This song is good but at the end doesn’t meet the gigantic expectations. The fate of this song depends on the video’s picturization.

Tere Ore – Rendered by two beautiful souls, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shreya Ghoshal, this love song has such a vibe to it which will make people love every second of this song. Soft beats and the instruments are well-arranged making the voice clear and audible. The interlude of the Punjabi women singing the folk song comes as a relief to this already beautiful song.

Jee Karda – The song kicks with Suzie Q. singing both Hindi and English lyrics who is then replaced by Labh Janjua singing Jee karda… This song has plain beat with hints of typical Punjabi music here and there. Suzie compliments here and there in the interludes too. Overall, not a great song but it might grow after the release of the film.

Bas Ek Kinng – This one’s already making rounds over the T.V. channels and all over the internet. This song is sung by Mika Singh, Neeraj Shridhar, Ashish Pandit and Hard Kaur. It isn’t fast as the title track. The flute interludes in between are good. This track might get mixed response as some may like and some may not.

Bhootni Ke – Talk of Punjabi music and forget Daler Mehndi? It’s just impossible and he comes up with Bhootni Ke. The title itself sounds funny and does the whole song too. It has got a complete Punjabi texture and no western influences in it. A pure Punjabi treat and those who love Punjabi songs might love this track. This song describes a person (Probably the lead protagonist) along with his friends teasing the groom “who made you the groom” in a rib-tickling way.

Talli Hua – The earlier song already had a weird title and this isn’t less than that. If it was marriage earlier then it’s about drinking here. This song is rendered by Neeraj Shridhar and Labh Janjua. Neeraj Shridhar carelessly renders his vocals and Labh Janjua is hardly noticeable. The music is very messy and a confusing track. The song ends in a hurry and leaves without even making an impact.

Bas Ek Kinng (Tiger style remix) – Ok, those who were not satisfied with the original installment of this song, the composers have come up with this alternative. If you were missing Hard Kaur in the original version, she’s all over here. The tempo is also fastened here.

Bhootni Ke (Tiger style mix) – Daler Mehndi’s younger brother, Mika voiced this remix replacing his brother’s vocals from the original. This song has a totally different feel as Daler Mehndi voice and Mika’s voice has no resemblance. The music also has been stuffed up with western loops.

Talli Hua (Jay Dhabi Mix) – If the earlier track ended up with a total confusion this one might come as a relief. Here Style Bhai joins Neeraj Shridhar and Labh Janjua in singing and adds up rap to the song. This track has got pace and a good track to dance on and a good addition to a DJ’s play list.

Other remixes of Jee Karda, Bhootni Ke and Tere Ore goes the same way as the earlier remixes with no noteworthy work by the DJ’s. Tere Ore ‘s lounge mix has random instruments being used at places which sound artificial and doesn’t suit the atmosphere of the song. Clinton and Eric Pillai did a good job in remixing a beautiful track but the original takes the lead as its more rich than this mix.

Singh is Kinng, overall has got a heavy Punjabi and western flavour. This soundtrack has got a good lively feel to it. The soundtrack isn’t one man’s work and there is a lot of hard work by several artists, so you can expect something experimental. This isn’t a great album nor a bad album but it just lies between these two terms and can be termed simple average. Don’t expect a miracle out of this.

Editor’s Pick: Teri Ore…
Label: Junglee Music

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