SMS a word and get its meaning

Few days back, we published a post about Google’s new mobile service. Now here comes a local competitor to this innovative service. Just punch in the word and you will get the meaning of the word, that’s what it has to offer you. We can call this a moving dictionary.

We just received a mail from Deepak Ravindran, CEO of Innoz Solutions highlighting the change in the number and the keyword to use this service. The new format to be followed is "GYAN<space>keyword" (example: GYAN music) for encyclopedia and "GYAN<space>D<space>keyword "(example: GYAN D technology) for dictionary and send it to 09895974926.

To try this new service, I sent a message to the above mentioned number as "GYAN music" and received the following message as reply "Music is an art form in which d medium is sound organized in time. Common elements of music are pitch rhythm dynamics d sonic qualities of timbre te..More" . As you can see the last word "More" which states that there is something more to tell and to get continue this message all you need to do is to reply as"More", "More2" respectively.

The average response time from the server to your mobile is around 10 seconds. There’s also another feature called Daily Gyan which sends you a daily dosage of knowledge. To subscribe to this featured all you need to do is to

to follow these steps:

To Subscribe:
Format: GYAN<space>Start
To unsubscribe
Format: GYAN<space>Stop
and send it to 09895974926

In comparison with the search-giant Google’s SMS service, this has one big drawback and that is the service is confined to searching words whereas Google offers many other features.

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  • Scareme13th

    i tried it its not working……….

  • Karrek Keyan1991

    i also tried .. not at all received any message