Sooraj Barjatya talks about his latest film ‘Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi’

After the stupendous success of Vivaah, Rajshri Productions is getting ready to release another family entertainer 'Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi' starring Sonu Sood and Eesha Kopikkar. Here are the excerpts from the chat session with Sooraj R. Barjatya.

After Vivah What is it that people should expect from Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi?

A lot of people asked me if EK VIVAAH AISA BHI is a sequel to Vivah and I always say that it is not. It is not a sequel, it is not a carry forward of the same characters but EK VIVAAH AISA BHI is another way another dimension of looking at what I feel is the most purest form of relationship that of a man and woman brought together in the sanctity of marriage. It's amazing how a man and a woman complement each other when truly in love and as i grow older, as i grow with age and experience i feel more and more responsible to make films underlining the importance and the gravity of this relationship so EK VIVAAH AISA BHI underlines again the unconditional love which is so important in this relationship of marriage.

What was the reason behind selecting this particular subject?

Actually at Rajshri we always have made and will make family films and our main audience have always been the family, the 35 plus. In every family we always find people who have either married because of their families or who have not married because of their families. The family always comes first to us Indians, so EK VIVAAH AISA BHI is about this girl who does not marry because of her responsibilities towards her family. When I was talking to my daughter the other day, she asked me about the subject of this film and she asked me that 'do I also have to get married and go away' So i said 'yes' and she asked me 'why' and I said 'because you are a girl' So she looked at me very questioningly and i could not face her because there is actually no reason why you have to go away because you are a girl there is no force, so EK VIVAAH AISA BHI questions this point that 'because i am a girl do i have to go away 'Is it a force? Is it a choice? Or is it a pleasure?Thats when the subject comes through the eyes of Prem, the hero of the film who says 'No, if you are not ready for it, you don't have to come to my house, we will wait till its a pleasure, till it is something you have to look forward to, till it is graduation for you' so thats the beauty of this film which I feel is something which is very elevating and very fulfilling because you don't have to fulfill a duty that 'jaana hai to mujhe jaana hai' as a girl, so thats where EK VIVAAH AISA BHI is important to me as a film.

How as this entire journey of yours right from the origination of the idea to finishing the film?

We started the script I remember somewhere in January 2007, the director Kaushikji, the writer Shashiji and Sumeetji and it took us eight months of journey very fruitful because we met every alternate day and we evolved together. Its almost a mastermind group when people are like minded. When we are all feeling the same passion to a subject, we have all grown and lived these characters together and we must all have the same vision. So as a producer it was very different for me because i have always been a director, i have written my own scripts and I have always done it in my own zone, but now for me to share it with a vision of a director, of writers, so it was a lot of evolvment for me also and what has come across has been something which is very honest and very fulfilling in terms of naturalness of Indian middle class family. Aise families jiske din shuru hoti hai budget se aur end hoti hai budget se. Uske andar to give hope for a better tomorrow.

How will you say is this movie relevant to this time?

I would say that this film is relevant like any other day because as youngsters we are growing up, our parents are getting old, we are getting responsible with our responsibilities we have to school for sacrifices so with each generation this is going to evolve this is going to move and just how prem chandini go through their sacrifices of their various emotions for the sake of their families, the same way we are all growing up. And in any stage of life we all need a friend, to take care of our worries, for whom we can shout upon, we can take for granted, so where a Chandini finds a Prem as a friend is as relevant as any of us finding a friend, in that broad context EK VIVAAH AISA BHI is a relevant as any other film would be

Why Bhopal? Why this small town image?

Chandini, i. e. Eesha is playing a role of a girl who is living in a smaller town, in a house which her father has made with so much love, which has a tulsi, which has an angan, which has a swastik, her roots are very middle class. So when we tried to focus on where should we stage this film we could not do it in Mumbai, because we don't find these houses even if you go to Mulund, Kandivilli, everyone is in flats. So we always thought of smaller town because of the emotions of a smaller town nature and Bhopal came out suddenly because in our film we have a very important train journey from Delhi to some place and we wanted an over night journey so we just said Bhopal. Then we went to music, when we went into Ravindra Jainji's sitting he said ' Oh Bhopal is so beautiful' I said why?' He said 'No. It has got so much base of ghazals and folk and it has Bharat Bhavan and then we realised that our film actually requires Ghazal and folk's fusion, somewhere Bhopal fitted into all things eventually and it was a beautiful experience, we shot for a month there and it has brought a lot of freshness in terms of outdoors, and complimented our music base, because thats why Eesha and Sonu meet and their love grows through the discussion of music.

  • Hardik

    Hey Soorajji,
    well i live in desplaines city in chicago (US) and i watch yuor produced film EVAB and i liked that movie a lot. I always like your movies, but this time i felt that music of your film doesn’t attract the audience to watch movie. I mean Ramlaxman sir music was always an inspirational for us in your previous films, but i think Ravindra sir music is little disappointing in both vivah and evab.
    well i am criticizing you but that’s what i felt.
    However, which is your upcoming film after EVAB and who will be actors. I mean your directorial movie
    Finally, i must congratulate you and Kaushik Ghatak for your movie and i am sure EVAB is hit at least in chicago by looking at the reaction of the people. Also i forget to mention Isha and Sonu for their superior work in the film.
    Best of luck for your upcoming movies.