Sowryam Movie Review

Sowryam Movie Review

Out in search of his sister Divya (Poonam Kaur), Vijay (Gopichand) lands up in Kolkata and after finding her, he decides to join the same college in which she is studying. All because of a forcible decision in his childhood which results in his sister going to an orphanage. He is there to convince her and safeguard her from all the evil goons in the town. In the process, he falls in love with Swetha (Anushka) who is a tomboy in the college but faking as an innocent girl in her home. Out of nowhere, goons start attacking Vijay and the rest follows how he retaliates back and put a stop to an already running war between the good and the bad.

Raviteja and Gopichand share a very similar fan following and pull the same type of crowd (Mass + few sects of family) and Sowryam succeeds in serving all the elements needed for this crowd. Very few artists can handle comic as well as serious action roles and Gopichand is one of such kind. The role had various shades and he handled them professionally leaving no flaws behind.

Anushka as Swetha did a commendable job. Her character had two shades, one being the tomboy ish role and the other being a typical innocent daughter and she carries these shades outstandingly. Poonam Kaur as the sister of Gopichand was good but had a very limited scope to act for her limited character.

Comedy takes this movie to another level and adds the much needed element to attract the family crowds. M. S. Narayana as the father of Swetha delivers a neat performance. Ali on the other side had a blast in this film. He and his dummy muscular body was an asset to this film. In the second half, we have Krishna Bhagwan and Raghu Babu taking charge of the comedy segment and they make sure everyone is in splits during their presence.

Now coming to the mass elements, Sowryam has got tons of fights and power packed dialogues. Ratnam gave extraordinary dialogues to this film and adds flavour to the plot. Stunts by Ram Lakshman were good and will surely be of some interest to mass audience but those looking for realistic fights might get disappointed. Manoj K Jayan as the villain gave a wonderful performance. Ajay as the villain’s son was raw and did a good job.

Siva as the ‘captain of the ship’ (director) did a good job in handling this script. At places we can see the captain losing his handle over the ship resulting in the slip of tempo and hackneyed climax. He handled the first half brilliantly and the graph was just rising up and up but loses it in the second half with over lengthy runtime and slackening pace at places.

Cinematography by Vetri maintains a stereotypic style. Background score by Mani Sharma is excellent and exhilarates the film. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is average as he could’ve contributed some more time in reducing the runtime and to erase some dragging scenes. Soundtrack by Mani Sharma was mediocre but the songs in the first half were picturized excellently and vice versa in the second half.

To sum up, Sowryam has got everything to rule the theatres (Especially B and C centres) and is a definite crowd puller. And with outstanding comedy and sister sentiment, this one can even pull family crowd. Go watch this if you can confront stereotypic films and have inimitable love for comedy plus action formula.

[rate 3.5]


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