“SRK and I don’t see eye to eye” – Salman Khan

What’s the status of your love-hate-love-hate relationship with Shah Rukh Khan after the brawl at Katrina Kaif’s birthday bash on July 16? I don’t know, actually neither does he. To be honest, we don’t see eye to eye. What about reports that the industry is divided into camps – one with SRK and the other supporting you? And it’s being said that your sister Alvira and sister-inlaw Malaika Arora-Khan are supporting Shah Rukh.

Wah wah I will definitely miss all those who are siding with Shah Rukh. I am sure you’ve read reports about such divide-and-support in the gossip columns. Or still better you must have heard this from sources close to my family and I And they must have been quoted, right? Frankly I don’t know who is siding whom. anel I don t care.

You’ve worked with Amitabh Bachchan in God Tussi Great Ho, but apparently, following tiffs, you don’t want to work with him again?

A source close to me told you this? Listen, there were no tiffs with Bachchan sir. For gods sake, why wouldn’t I want to work with him again? Now you will want to know the status between Priyanka and me.

Uh huh. We were never buddies, painting the town red. With most heroines, from just a work associate. If we get a nice script, Priyanka and I will work together again.

But she was fed up of your tantrums. Did she say this? No. The press did. As long as a heroine doesn’t throw tantrums, I don t throw tantrums. In any case, every actor has some tantrums, some requirements which you cannot deny him or her

It’s no secret that Katrina Kaif doesn’t want to work with you again after Yuvraj. See, this girlfriend-boyfriend jodi doesn’t shape up well on screen all the time. If we get a script that gives us scope to work with each othet: we will.

Is that why she isn’t in Partner’s sequel? We haven’t even started casting for that.

Talk is that you gave Subhash Ghai a tough time during the shooting of Yuvraj. Not at all. Only two-three days are left. The film should release on its clue date.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is trying to rope in Hrithik Roshan for his next. Is he? So what Sanjay is very clear about casting. If l don’t suit a role. he will not approach me for it. He east me in Iktfirao Alastani because he thought I’d suit the role. Ed even do a guest appearance for him. I know no other actor will.

What happened to the Bajirao Mastanianyway? I have no clue.

There has been some criticism about your show 10 ka Dum – that you can’t pull it off as host.Oh really? That’s why the show has hintastic TRPs, the channel is No 3 today and they re already planning the show s next season.

You’ve had problems with Akshay Kumar. So how come he appeared on your show? Akshay couldn’t appear on 10 ka dumearlier because he was under contract with another channel. This episode will be aired only after that show concludes.

On the show, Akshay Kumar asked you about getting married to Katrina Kaif. Everyone does. Akki’s still okay There was a question relating to marriage after which he pulled my leg.

Why is there competition between Akshay and you about who’s gettmg paid more money? Maybe because we’ve done two films together Frankly he’s a bigger threat to Shah Rukh than to me.

Your colleagues rib you for dancing at weddings. Yes, I know they do. I do dance at weddings, for friends only And I do it for free. I dirt dance at the wedding of a friend’s daughter So what? When will you get married? I’m 42. When my friends and family ask me to get rnarried, that’s because thov’re worried about me. You ask me this to spice up your interview.


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