ICICI Direct: Stocks with High Dividend yield

The recent downtrend in the stock markets is posing challenges to investors looking for safe returns. High dividend yield stocks offer a safe haven to investors where safety is of greater priority compared to high returns. So, even if the market remains volatile, going ahead, an investor can still get a decent return on investment, thanks to good dividend yielding stocks. The dividends are paid no matter what direction the stocks move and can provide a higher yield on investments in a weak market.

Stocks with Good Dividend Yeild


Rating Rationale:- ICICIdirect endeavors to provide objective opinions and recommendations. ICICIdirect assigns ratings to its stocks according to their notional target price vs current market price and then categorises them as Outperformer, Performer, Hold, and Underperformer. The performance horizon is 2 years unless specified and the notional target price is defined as the analysts’

valuation for a stock:- Outperformer: 20% or more, Performer: Between 10% and 20%, Hold: +10% return, Underperformer: -10% or more

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