Taare Zameen Par Movie Review

Hey the year isn’t over and finally we are here with the best movie of the year. Yes that’s right Taare Zameen Par takes the first position in the lineup of movies released this year. The movie can even make a stone cry with its heart-touching screenplay and immensely talented actors, all doing their best!

Now coming to the story of the movie, an eight-year old Ishaan (Darsheel Safary) who is fascinated by the colours, fishes in the aquarium, Kites, Shiny objects, spaceships and loves playing with dogs rather than with kids. But as he is so dissolved in his world, the guardians and the adults are more interested towards his educational life rather than his colourful fascinations.

Fed up with his notorious acts and poor marks in the examinations, Ishaan’s parents decide to send him to a boarding school where he can be taught discipline. This is where he falls into deeper trouble as he has never been away from his parents and leads a dull life and stops painting too which is his favourite hobby.

This is when a spike haired substitute art teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir Khan) lands up in the boarding school. He completely makes himself the most unique teacher by creating a lovely bond with the kids that they just love the way he deals with them. In the course of time he comes to know about Ishaan who is leading a sad life. He tries to dig the truth behind the sadness. After his research he comes to a conclusion that Ishaan is a dyslexic child. The rest of the plot is how Nikumbh solves the problem of Ishaan.

The story is for a social cause and is a delicate subject to handle. But debutant director Aamir Khan handles it with ease and the movie goes swift. The delicacy of the movie is maintained in every aspect and ample care is taken not to hurt or create a mess out of the scenes. Amole Gupte’s script worked out well and his hard work is clearly reflected on the screens. The character sketch of the teachers and the students are so natural and real that you can relate them with your teachers and your colleagues.

Now coming to the boy wonder – Darsheel Safary, he stole the entire show with his brilliant performance. The emotions and the dialogue delivery are completely well-timed and perfect. He deals such a complex role with complete grip and perfection. Darsheel’s performance in the movie is truly an award-winning performance.

Sachet Engineer as Yohaan Awasthi (Brother of Ishaan) suits the character. Taran Cheda’s performance as the physically disabled Rajan Damodran was natural. Tisca Chopra and Vipin Sharma as the parents of Ishaan were good and handled the roles maturely.

Taare Zameen Par Movie Review at Gyanguru

Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy’s music adds as an advantage to the film. Background music boosts the emotions and is nicely synchronized with the screenplay. Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics are truly meaningful and compliment the script.

Now coming to the speed of the screenplay, the first half is a bit slow as compared to second half. The first half is completely loaded on Darsheel’s shoulders and he handles it with his innocence and emotions. Aamir Khan is only seen in the second half with just a small glance before the interval. This movie proves that Aamir Khan is the only actor in bollywood who dares to take such risks.

PVR Pictures is co-producing this film and Aamir Khan producing this film. The movie was released on 21 st December, 2007 . At first the movie was not received well but soon conquered the top position with its extremely positive reviews, both from the critics as well as the audiences. This movie marks as the only movie which has been exempted from tax just 5 days after the movie release.

Overall the movie is a must watch and is highly recommended. Go watch it with your friends and families to experience the world of kids.

Glossary :

Dyslexia: Difficulty in understanding written language. Mostly affects spelling, reading, memory and concentration. Similar shaped words like “b” can be confused with “d”. This can be inherited from the ancestors or developmental. This is due to neurological impairment.

Some notable people who suffered from dyslexia are Abhishek Bachchan, Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, Agatha Christie, Walt Disney, Pablo Picasso, Tom Cruise & Sir Richard Branson.

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