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How to use brainstorming technique to write quickly and neatly

Factual descriptions, Article and Essay writing can be easily handled and organized by using a simple technique called…

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A Thing of Beauty Explanation

A Thing of Beauty is a poem written by the famous romantic poet, John Keats. The poem tells about how nature and its wonder mesmerize us and take away all the sorrow that surrounds us from time to time. This explanation might aid…

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An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum Explanation

An elementary school classroom in a slum was published by Stephen Spender in 1964. The poem resonates the poet’s political views and brings forth the difficulties faced by the kids in slums. This poem was written to highlight the social injustice prevailing at that time in the world. This article summarizes…

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What is Home State Quota in AIEEE

Many students are confused about the home state rank given to them in the AIEEE results. Admission through CCB is done through the use of…..

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How to write factual descriptions

Factual description of a process or an event requires a step by step account of an activity, experiment, procedure. The ideas should be systematically presented with important points coming first followed by not-so-important points. Heading is an essential part of it and should be…

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Figures of speech in English poetry

Figures of speech are the most common type of questions which are asked in CBSE or for that matter any board examination. Since, poetry has so many things to learn about, it’s not at all easy to mug up all the instances where we are asked these in the poems…

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