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MNP Update

One week prior to the launch of MNP all the office notice boards, news papers and television channels were full of advertisements only in relation tariff, customer service and network i.e. in relation to MNP

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Procedure for MNP in India

Mobile Number Portability (MNP): Procedure for Switching between various mobile network service providers in India

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Google Unveils Nexus One

Google has finally entered in the battle field of smart phones market competing with brands like Nokia, Apple, Sony Ericson and others. Google along with HTC has developed its own smart phone named Nexus One .

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Nokia N900 officially announced

Nokia has announced its new internet tablet PC Nokia N 900 which will have the version 5 of Linux based operating system named Maemo. The Nokia N 900 will go for sale by the end of 2009 and it would cost around…

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Nokia N97 Firmware Upgrade (12.0.024)

Nokia has released another version upgrade for its flagship mobile hand set (Nokia N 97). In this new version (12.0.024) they have included /changed /upgraded the following:

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Temporary Fix for Nokia N97 (Firmware Upgrade)

But few days later, Nokia has released a firmware upgrade for Nokia N 97 with an attempt to fix the above mentioned errors. Again my luck has nothing good in it. It is still not available for Indian mobile handsets. So called Nokia care, They gave me a remedy for the time being. They said […]

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