The Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR), Chennai, Admission Announcement 2007 for Ph.D. PROGRAM

The Ph.D. program of IFMR is designed to develop faculty / researchers in the field of financial management. The dearth of qualified faculty in management is a well recognized phenomenon in India. At present, IFMR’s Ph.D. degree is granted by the University of Madras and is available only in the area of Finance and Economics.

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So far, 13 students from the Institute have been awarded a Ph.D. degree by the University.

Thesis Title Ph.D Scholar
Market Structure and Financial performance – A study of the Indian Cement Industry during 1971-86. N Chandrasekar
Behaviour of Share Prices – A Statistical Analysis G Ramachandran
Financial Performance of Diversified Companies – A strategic analysis. K Lakshmi
Exchange Rate Economics: Micro Analysis of India’s Exchange Rate Experience Uma Subbaraman
Corporate Behaviour in Raising Capital – A Study of the Indian Corporate Sector. Sucharita Kumar
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India (An Analysis of its impact on the Economy and on the Corporate Sector) R Meenakshi
Initial Public Offerings in India: Analysis of their performance and pricing L V Ramana
Economics of Public Debt: India’s experience (1960-61 to 1990-91) S K Shanthi
Working Capital Management Manjula
Credit Risk Modeling of Hire Purchase Transaction B Gayathri
Agency Cost, Ownership Structure and Financial Policies in the Indian Corporate Sector S Vijayalakshmi
Financial Structure and value of the firm – An Empirical study of Indian firms in the post liberalisation period C R Aravind
Corporate Bankruptcy and Restructuring of Firms in India P R Ramakrishnan